Know The Important Facts About Lungs Cancer

Lung cancer it is really surprising and sobering


When we come to know about lung cancer it is really surprising and sobering. The most leading cancer deaths in U.S are lung cancer. It is found that lung cancer kills more people than any other cancer like colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer. You can beat this chronic disease by taking Geftinat 250mg tablets manufactured by GEFTINAT pharmaceuticals. But Geftinat Tablets Online from 3G chemist who provides safe mail order drugs of both prescription and nonprescription at substantial savings.

The risk of developing lung cancer is 1 in 16 for women and 1 in 13 for men in their life time. The lung cancer is found in aged people, young people and children also. But the diagnosis age is found to be 71. The most important fact about lung cancer is that it is increasing as well as decreasing. Lung cancer is found increasing in young people and decreasing in men.

Lungs cancers are of two types which are as follows:

1. Nonsmall cell lung cancer:  Nearly 85 percent of lung cancer is Nonsmall cell lung cancers that include adenocarcinomas, large cell lung cancers. The most common lung cancer found in women, young adults, and passive smokers.

2. Small cell lung cancer: It is found 15 percent of lung cancers are small cell lung cancers. It spreads rapidly and early also. Mostly this type of cancer is very responsive to chemotherapy and it tends to spread even to the brain before it is diagnosed.
Lung cancer can affect even the nonsmokers.

We all know that smoking is the main cause of lung cancer but currently if we observe, the majority of people who develop lung cancer are not smoking. 50 percent of lung cancer occurs in former smokers. 20 percent of women and 1 in 12 men who get lung cancer have smoked not even once.

Nowadays lung cancer in nonsmokers is going on increasing and nobody knows why it happens. But it is not due to exposure to secondhand smoke.

Lung cancer is found common in both sexes. Once it was considered that lung cancer is a man’s disease but lung cancer is found both in men and women.
Lung cancer is not only due to Smoking but also due to exposure to radon. It is the second leading cause of lungs cancer in nonsmokers and people who spend most of the time at home are at the greatest risk of developing this cancer. 27% percent of lung cancer in men is due to occupational exposure and other any causes are air pollution and second-hand smoke.

Symptoms of Lung cancer

Common symptoms of lung cancer include a cough that remains all the time and also blood in coughing up. A crucial fact is that 25 percent of people do not have any symptoms of lung cancer. There may early symptom like allergies, lung infection, muscle pain in the chest, shoulder, and back which are left without any care considering as normal changes due to aging and other weather changes. The symptoms of lung cancer in men are quite different from women and the symptoms of lung cancer in nonsmokers are different from people who smoke.

Lung adenocarcinoma cancer in nonsmokers and women grows in the outer region of lungs will have the symptoms of shortness of breathing while exercising and fatigue.

The very crucial fact of lung cancer is that 87 percent of lung cancers are due to smoking and to lower the risk quit smoking at any age. Quit smoking after diagnosing lung cancer will also make a great difference in the lung cancer. You can orally take anti-cancer medication like Geftinat-250mg tablets after consulting your physician. Buy Geftinat 250mg Tablet from 3G Chemist online at affordable prices globally in all countries.May clinical trials are going on to detect, prevent and treat lung cancer. The survival rate of lung cancer is 16 to 18 percent and the survival rates are can become higher if it is caught in early stages. You can lower the risk of lung cancer by taking steps like quit smoking, test your home for the presence of radon, caution while exposed to chemicals,  avoid second-hand smoke, eat a high diet with fruits and vegetables.

You can take GEFTINAT-250mg tablets after getting the right advice from your physician. Buy Geftinat Tablets online from a 3G chemist who supplies the pharmaceutical and associated products at the lowest prices.

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