Lakme’s Lip Love vs. Maybelline’s Baby Lips

Lakme Lip Love is the new range of lip balms launched by Lakme. Lakme lip love lip balm is available in 4 shades –vanilla, strawberry, cherry, orange. It costs Rs 200 for 3.8g. The lip balm consists of all the information regarding the product but it does not mention the ingredients. It also has SPF 15.

lip 1

It’s been launched as a direct competitor to the very popular Baby Lips by Maybelline. Let’s examine both products in detail to see which comes out on top.

Lakme Lip Love

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Vanilla: If you apply vanilla lip balm just once it is colourless and it looks unsatisfactory. If you apply it 3-4 times on your lips it creates a white film, a white layer on your lips which solely on your lips is not a good option. if applied underneath a lipstick it may look fine but definitely not a good idea to apply it alone. It does have a vanilla fragrance though.

Strawberry: If you apply strawberry lip balm it gives a sweet and a soft light pinkish tint on your lips. If you just apply it once it does not give even slightest hint of colour to your lips, it appears to be colourless. If you apply it 3-4 times it gives you a soft light pinkish tint, which you would want to apply if you are just looking to be casual. It has a strawberry fragrance.

Orange: It looks peach, but if you apply orange lip balm once it gives no colour. It is colourless and sheer. If you apply 3-4 times it will give a hint of peach but not a very clearly visible shade. It has a fruity smell.

Cherry: Cherry lip balm is the darkest among them all. If you apply it once it gives light reddish color to your lips. If you apply it 3-4 times it gives a darker reddish shade to your lips. It is the most pigmented of them all and does not have a cherry fragrance but a more chemical fragrance.

Over all as a lip balm it is an average lip balm. It does not have a good pigmentation nor does it moisturize your lips for long. It is not worth your precious 200 bucks.

Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up

Baby Lips Color Spiced Up Lip Balm is the new range of lip balms launched by Maybelline. It promises colour, flavour and moisturisation for 12 hours. It is available in 3 colours-berry sherbet, tropical punch, and spicy cinnamon. It weighs 4g and costs Rs 175.

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The packaging is similar to the regular baby lips lip balm. The back of the product contains all the ingredients and it has an SPF of 20. It gives your lips a deep maroonish pink pigmentation and it gives a good tint to your lips, but if you want a darker shade you could apply it 3-4 times.

Tropical Punch: It gives your lips a purple pinkish shade. It is pinker than the berry sherbet. If you apply it 3-4 times it will give your lips a dark purple pigmentation.

Spicy Cinnamon: It is quite pigmented and gives your lips a brownish shade. If you apply it once it still gives a lot of colour to your lips  If you apply it 3-4 times it is a pretty dark shade and closer to a brown lipstick with sheer.

Over all it is a very good lip balm. It has a higher SPF factor of 20 vs 15 for the Lip Love. It gives good pigmentation, has a unique fragrance, moisturizes your lips for a longer time and definitely a better bargain for Rs 175.

Maybelline Baby lips Spiced Up is much better by far.