Let’s Tickle the Terrorists to Death!


Well, it appears that the United States may stop torturing International Terrorists who plot and plan to kill US Citizens or murder innocent citizens. No more coercion to get information out of them to save lives. Once President Bush leaves office, John McCain has stated “no more torture” and he means it – on the Democrat side, same thing. So, this is a real problem, in that how we can gain intelligence to these terrorists that we have and now have to let them live in a gated community with free room and board.

Well you can see why the Online Think Tank decided to take up the challenge and we have decided that the best way to coerce information from terrorists is to give them everything they desire and then Tickle them to Death. Hey, it worked on us when we were kids, so why not. Tickling makes perfect sense and when those evil doers are so tired of laughing at us Infidels, they will give up their co-conspirators in crime, that are plotting and planning to kill and murder innocent people in the Western World.

Of course, this is a lot of work to tickle people to death and so we can hire all the democracy voters and Harvard Lawyers who want to give justice to terrorists to help us. They can spend 8-hours a day tickling all the Islamic radical international terrorists until they talk. They say no more torturing using “water” so why not turn the board over and tickle these terrorists until they talk!


Source by Lance Winslow