Lilly Singh Takes on Racists by Giving Them Geography Lessons

Lilly Singh has to explain that "India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are actually three separate countries"


If you think you can say anything stupid that you like to Superwoman aka Lilly Singh, the popular YouTube star, you’re definitely wrong. She’s not going to tolerate your nonsense or anyone’s nonsense for that matter. She will give it back to you and in such a manner that you’ll never forget not to mess with this woman. This is exactly what she has done for all the people who passed racist remarks regarding her and her home country such as “Go bak to ur country, you terrorist paki afghan indian muslim slut #MakeAmericGreatAgain!”.  She’s right when she says that “If you’re going to be racist, at least do it right.” I mean the guy couldn’t even get his spellings right..

Yes Superwoman, his stupidity bothers us too.


In this 4:40 minute video, she imparts geographical knowledge to people who seem to have forgotten which country is where. She tries her best to put some sense back into their mind in such a sassy way. She proves yet again how savage she can get. She had us burst into laughter when she took a dig at Donald Trump saying the aircraft flying “will have about 300 to 400 people which is about the same number of people at Trump’s inauguration.” She added that a trip around the world is a must for trolls to know that “India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are actually three separate countries.”


That’s not it. She talks about how things go missing in the Bermuda triangle and that’s where these racists’ education probably went too.

Ouch! That was quite a burn.

According to this great YouTube sensation, there are two types of people during difficult times in the world: 1) People who come together as one, and 2) Racist idiots. Which one are you?

Watch the video to find out: