List of Careers in Medicine

Many people work hard in the field of medicine and science, then finish the threshold constant work study and practice to do in the real world. They look on challenging jobs that require them to get there. They are also of service to the wounded and sick, helping to cope with a myriad of diseases and accidents, and not just humans, but animals too.

Careers in Sports Medicine

Everything about athletes is that sports medicine is all about. People in this area, help players focus on physical performance, monitor their health and treat disease. The sports related injuries are also their specialty as well as management of prevention of diseases and accidents. Go after a career in sports medicine, is considered one of the best careers in medicine that we could hope to obtain.

Ergonomic researcher

Athletic trainer


Sports doctor

Personal Trainer

Exercise Physiologist



Group Exercise Instructor

Rehabilitation specialist cardio-

OT / ​​physiologist

Sports doctor


Director physical condition of the employee

Careers in Alternative Medicine

This type of field of medicine does not fit into the practices of conventional medicine. It is more than science-based culture with old traditional methods with an organic approach to treatment.

Here are some of the best careers in medicine, which are largely conducted today because of the known benefits of alternative medicine.

Massage therapist


Yoga teacher

Homeopathy practitioner


Trainer Reiki

Specialist reflexology

Holistic Medicine


Nurse midwife

Careers in veterinary medicine

Work in veterinary medicine is a great way to be helpful to pets and animals with injuries and health problems for animal’s related company. You have to be aware of drugs and feeding an animal or have knowledge in the treatment of animals in order to be of service to them. He / she must also be certified to work as a veterinarian, to do well in whatever he / she specializes in. Careers in veterinary medicine are lucrative, if a certification of postgraduate training in medicine is obtained environmental, medical laboratory animals, toxicology, diagnostic pathology, molecular biology, immunology and other specialties.


Veterinary assistant


Veterinary Technician

Animal trainer

Avian veterinarian

Careers in Nuclear Medicine

Those who enter the field of nuclear medicine, process of radioactive decay, which is the study of unstable atoms where the nucleus loses energy and emitting radiation. You need a certificate program two years combined, as well as a four-year degree, with a one year Bachelor winner curriculum certification to take advantage of some of the best known medical careers.

Nuclear medicine physicians

Nuclear technologist

Nuclear pharmacist

Nuclear scientist

Chief Technologist

Senior technologist

Team Leader / Supervisor

Research Technologist

Industry sales representative

Hospital administrator

Educator Technology Program

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