Listening to the Universe

The Universe talks to me about many things. I believe it talks to you about many things too


The universe talks to me.

I believe it talks to you too.

You may even listen. I try to listen every time I think about it.

Some of my friends say it is God talking. Fine, that works for them. Others say it is a mindfulness exercise. Wonderful. Sally says it is the spirit of her deceased dog, Sparky. I like Sally. Whatever works for you.

Today that voice told me to play one game of Scrabble with the kids before we drove home and it saved our lives.

My wife and I had driven our grandson, Rickie, 3 hours to his mother’s house in Hamilton through the Labor Day cottage country traffic. We stayed over for a short visit with the kids but I was eager to turn around and get back before the driving got worse. Just as we were heading for the door our daughter, Liddy said, “How about we have a game of Scrabble with Rickie.” My first thought was “No way, I want to get going and it is already getting late.” The Universe pointed out that it was an educational game and the boy had been watching far too much TV. It was a good opportunity for a family moment. “Sure. Just one game.” After losing a Scrabble game to a 9-year old I ensured that we leave. On the way home, we detoured around a flaming truck crash that had happened ten minutes earlier. It had turned a four lane highway into a parking lot and required more ambulances than I cared to count. “Just one game of Scrabble.” Was what the Universe had said, “One game will be enough.”

The Universe had stolen to me last winter as I was driving down a dark empty highway at night. The Voice told me to pull into the other lane. I was enjoying the empty highway and I thought, “This is great, I can drive in any lane I want.” The Universe said, very firmly, “The other lane. Now!” I rolled into the other lane and less than a minute later, as I traveled at 120 km/hr, I passed a smashed up car, in the dark, with no lights, crashed in the lane I just left. After I called 911 I spent the rest of the drive thinking, “I could have died right then.” This became my second chance at life and I reflected on what would I do with this fresh start. My conclusion was that every moment is a fresh start and I started to wear a special ring to remind myself of that.

It’s not always about life and death. Sometimes the voice will tell you to turn right and you find the perfect parking spot. Like the angel in the movie “Micheal” said, “Some angels choose to grant wishes for small things. I try not to judge.”

It is the little voice that tells you that Jill is going to call just before she does.

It tells you you sent a thank-you card to someone and it has a dramatic impact on their current situation.

It tells you to look up an old friend. I left this one go and found his obituary notice several months later.

The Universe talks to me about many things.

I believe it talks to you about many things too.

Bwana, my wife, just surprised me. As she walked past she looked over my shoulder and read what I was typing. I expected a comment like, “What if someone does not hear the voice of the universe?” I was ready for that question and I had already made a note about the voice not always sounding exactly like someone talking into your ear. It can be a gut feeling, a sense of urgency or great hunch. It could even be a mix-up of emotions, feelings triggering a related thought. If you listen regularly you will learn what it sounds like for you.

What Bwana asked instead was, “What if someone hears a lot of voices?” I was not ready for that. So I winged it, “They’ll just have to learn to deal with it like I did.”

The voice of the Universe can be hard to hear, especially if you are listening really, really hard. Listening too hard. Hearing can be difficult because there is a lot of noise that masks the voice of the Universe, making it elusive and difficult to focus on. As a smart friend of mine said, “You have to be able to distinguish the signals from the noise.” There is a lot of noise. Some noise will sound like The Voice of the Universe, some noise sounds better than The Voice and some noise is just so loud that The Voice gets lost. When you feel over whelmed but you are trying to hear, remember the advise the British government gave the public as they deal with pending bombing air raids during world war I, “Stay Calm and Carry On.” Those British! In time, with practice, you will learn what the Universe sounds like to you, and you will come to trust it.

Personally, I find it harder to remember to listen. I’ve always been a slow learner. I created a little trick that works for me. I wear a special ring on my baby finger. It feels a little odd because it clicks on my desk when I set my hands down and it clicks against my wedding ring when I close my hand. When this happens I stop for a second, take a deep breath and listen. However, I get used to clicking and the clicking and it fades into the background noise. When I notice that I stopped warning, I move the ring to my other baby finger and the clicks and clacks catch my attention again. Just to put this in context, I needed training wheels on my first bicycle for several years. I suspect that others learn this type of life lessons easier than I do. But, hold on …

Just a minute … I’m hearing something. Listen.

Source by Carter Stack