Living in Bliss

A thought about what living in bliss means.


What does living in bliss mean?

Does it mean giving up the one you love to another person so that they may live in bliss?
Does it mean giving up one’s right to be blessed so that the other party may live happily forever?

What makes you think the other party will really be happy with their counterpart?
What makes you think that their counterpart will come as a blessing?  

Is it because of your own inferiority that you decided to choose cowardice and run away so that the other person can find someone better?
Or is it because you think she will be better off with another person that she is dating that you decided to withdraw?

Does sacrifice of oneself for the other person mean granting them a blessing?
Sometimes what we see from outside may not be what it seems to be from within.
What may seem like a blessing from heaven may just change into a bottomless hell if all that’s left is deceit. 

Affinity is so incomprehensible.
It made us run all over the places before we meet the right person.
Sometimes you knew the right person may just be beside you but due to certain factors, you can’t be together now.
Yet a force affinity that may have meant to be yours may end up nowhere when the time is not right.

We are only but a plaything to gods-will!
Why must we go through the painful ritual of time before affinity brings us together?
Why must we go through such pain in order to be blessed with bliss?
What does living in bliss mean? 

By Blue lunar

Source by Blue lunar