Love Bandra? Head Over to Cafe Bandra For Some Chill Time

Kick back and relax with your loved ones over some great food and drinks

As soon as you enter the place you are greeted by the polite and courteous staff. The manager, Dinesh,  reminds you of “Ramesh-Suresh” from the Cadbury 5 star commercials— and that’s a good thing.

The entire cafe is painted in white with metallic walls. Bandra’s pin code (400050) and a map of the suburb is drawn on the walls. The cafe is divided into 3 sections. One is the outer section which mainly is for families and friends. This also is a good place to get a date along! The inner section is dedicated majorly to sheesha plus everything else that you’d get on the outside. There is a small room which appears to be a VIP area.


The ambient music makes for the perfect background score to your conversations.

Let’s talk food

Broccoli and Almond Soup

This soup is amazing. It’s creamy, savoury and topped off with crunchy almonds. The hint of roasted garlic blends perfectly with broccoli and almonds.

For appetizers, there are plenty of options.

I would recommend the Coriander Crusted Prawns for the sea food lovers. They look crispy on the outside but are soft and tender once you dig in. There’s also a hint of spices. Alternatively, you could also go for the chilly chicken or the mutton kebabs. The crispy brown, perfectly-cooked mutton kebabs melt in your mouth.

The Tandoori Baby Potatoes are rubbed with black salt and grilled. Although they are not a very great choice for people who are very fond of overpowering spices and flavoured masalas, they make for a great 7 p.m. snack.


Next up, the pizza!

The pizzas have thin crusts and substantial toppings. Non-vegetarians, I’d suggest you try the Harrissa Chicken Pizza. It might look spicy but it is not. The eleven-inch pizza will disappear from people’s plates in a few minutes.

Cherry Tomato, Jalapeno, Olives Pizza

The thin and crispy pizza was topped with jalapenos, olives and cherry tomatoes. The rich tarty tomato-infused pizza sauce just gushes into your mouth with every bite.

It’s impossible to think of Italian Food without a warm plate of pasta. I would recommend the White Sauce Pasta. It’s creamy and topped with generous amounts of cheese.

Along with the options in tea and coffee, this place is also home to some good mocktails.

If you ever wondered what Boomer would taste like if it were liquid, go for the “Bubblemonade”. It will take you back to the days when boomer was the thing! It consists of bubblegum syrup, cranberry juice, lime juice and looks bright pink. The flavours are a bit too strong and sweet which may be a turn-off for those who don’t like sugary drinks.

Another option is the “All iz well”. This drink worthy of being added to your Snap/Insta/Whatsapp/whatever story. This refreshing drink is a blend of fresh pineapple, basil leaves, lime juice, and sugar syrup.

Make sure to keep room for some dessert.

Try the Tiramisu. This is what coffee would taste like if you ate it. Well, almost. You will be able to feel the layers in which it’s made. A hint of coffee, mascarpone cheese and then a hit of coffee again. This melt in the mouth dessert is a must try if you happen to visit Cafe Bandra. Even if you don’t like mocha or latte or frappes, you’d like the tiramisu at Cafe Bandra.

Cafe Bandra is a cool place for those who just want to kick back and relax over comfort food and drinks.

With additional inputs from Priyanka Tulsiani

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Address: 85, Luis Belle CHS LTD, TPS 3 Junction of 16th & 30th Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West