Love Writing? Follow These Instagram Accounts

If you are tired of browsing through fashion, beauty or travel related pictures on Instagram and feel the need to indulge in something meaningful and poetic, then, you will be glad to know you are not the only one. There are quite a few profiles on Instagram dedicated to meaningful messages, quotes and poems. The quotes will give you goosebumps, the poems will mesmerise you and play with your senses.

If you appreciate the art of articulation and relate to deep thoughts and expressions more than pictures of food then here are some profiles that will certainly make your day with their beautifully penned words.


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With more than 40k followers and over 600 posts, Poetry Bandit is not only just about poetry but also about love and life lessons. With words like “when I’m with her even my demons dress up for demons and behave”, he proves why he is so good with words . With typewritten snippets of engaging words, this ‘poetry bandit’ is a must-follow for all those enthusiastic writers looking for some catchphrases or deep lines to complete their writings. After all ‘words are only words until you unsheathe them”.


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With more than 70k followers and over 1617 posts, highpoetsociety reflects another broken soul trying to put back the pieces, slowly yet successfully.  His website is
He even sells merchandise like t shirts and other goodies with his quotes on them. His type of writing is short, simple but deep.


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With deep meaningful pictures and captions, written by some really famous authors like Paulo Coelho, Albert Camus, Jim Morrison etc., Berlin.Artparasites has garnered over 100k followers with merely 393 posts! It shares compelling artwork that alters the way we live, love, work , play, think and feel. The most unique thing about them is their abstract artwork. Their must-visit website is .


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“I should have seen the writing on the wall instead of the poetry on your heart. You and I will always be unfinished art.” Quotes by Erin Van Vuren, is a must read for all those who are fighting to get back up after a heartbreak. There is no doubt that 30.6 k followers get solace from the 1014 and counting posts.


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His description says “Although my initials are MV, MvDarklight stands for Michael vs the DarkLight. DarkLight is darkness masquerading as Light.”
His writing describes the love and passion possessed by lovers. He describes a particular girl as an enchantress. His writing portrays the beauty and allure of women. Michael has garnered 36.3 k with just 259 beautiful quotes.


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His description bar reads “Observer. Humanness. Every day I fall in love.”  He also publishes books of his own. He describes himself to be an ‘observer’. He is without a doubt, the best, according to my own discretion. His dark, morbid and twisted portrayal of love will leave a permanent scar in your heart. He also writes about life, death, hope and all things that matter. His classic vintage quotes cuts through your soul and will leave you revisiting his page every day. Christopher has over 274k followers with 3,513 posts.


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One of his writings says “If beautiful was a color, her soul would be every shade.”  His subject of writing is love, he writes from a point of view of someone who is deeply in love with someone, his love for her is unconditional. It however might just be one-sided love. Anyone captivated with the idea of love should join his following of 129k.