Mahim and Malad Make Vernon Noronha’s Music


Singer and songwriter Vernon Noronha knew he wanted to be a musician since he was eight years old. From crooning in his home to learning to play guitar at St Andrew’s College to corporate gigs to earn pocket money to finally releasing his debut album ‘Closer to Home’ on Feb 20th this year, Noronha has come a long way. Excerpts from an interview:

Closer to Home

1. Tell us something about Closer to Home. 

I was working on it for the past two years and finally I feel great that I have been able to release my own album which is an Extended Play version. Closer To Home has all the elements of whatever could remind me of home. Of all the houses that I ended up shifting from Mahim to Malad, I went through different phases and situations that have directly influenced my songwriting. Closer To Home is my longing to finally be at home. At this point of time it’s impossible to get back home, because there is nothing left behind. I picked five songs from the big bunch I wrote in different rented apartments which remind me of home and is now on the EP My music is all inspired by the theme of love and life and at this point of time I’m in a very happy phase, thus the newer batch of songs flow into an Easy Listening and Surfy space.

2. Tell us about your North/South tour of India?

I had the opportunity to perform at NH7 weekender (Pune), Celebrate Bandra, Gigs for movies like ‘Woman from the East’ and ‘Good Buddy’ etc. Besides these I have also performed at Blue Frog, Hard Rock Café, Live Console and recently did an ‘Open Set’ for Singer Lucy Rose. Now with my debut album getting a lot of response I will be doing a North/South tour where I will be performing at Hungry Monkey (17th March) & Social (20th March) in Delhi, 2nd April Sunshine in Colva and Cotinga ( 31st March) in Anjuna (Goa) and High Street (Pune) 10th April. My main motive of this tour is to spread the songs across the country as much as I can. And this is in spite of the fact that I’m not very well-known in other cities apart from Mumbai.


3. ‘Come back Jack’ seems very close to your heart. What is the story behind it? 

Come back Jack is a part of my debut album ‘Closer to Home’ and is a song that is very close to my heart. Come back Jack is a song which I have especially penned down for my dad who has been missing and I haven’t been able to find where he is. Having a troubled childhood and losing my mother was a shock for me; with my dad missing, I really miss my ‘home’ where my heart was and there is no point me going back to home which is just a house. I have tried my level best to find him but haven’t been able to search him and thus ‘Come back Jack’ is a song that I dedicated whole heartedly to my dad whom I want to come back in my life.

4. The Top 5 singers who are your inspiration? 

Jason Mraz
Freddie Mercury
John Mayer
Jack Johnson
Lucy Rose

vernon at the launch

5. 5 songs that are always on your playlist? 

‘Too much food’ by Jason Mraz
‘Two of us’ by The Beatles
‘Neon’ by John Mayer
‘Like an arrow’ by Lucy Rose
‘Ben’ by Jackson 5