Man Kills Friend Over a Messi vs Ronaldo Spat


Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? Who is the best footballer in the world? The much debated issue is common with football fans all over and can lead to some really heated arguments and maybe even a pub brawl. Two men took this debate too seriously and one died in the process. A Nigerian man killed his friend over a dispute among the two football stars in Nallasopara, Mumbai.

Nigerian man Obinna Michael Durumchukwa, 34, was celebrating his birthday with his friend and fellow countryman Nwabu Chukwuma, 22, at a rented flat, when they started to argue over who the better footballer was, Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, or rival club Barcelona forward Lionel Messi. They were celebrating the birthday since morning with beer said the police.

As the debate intensified, Durumchukwa threw a glass at Chukwuma, which missed him and broke against the wall. Chukwuma then picked up a piece of glass and slit his friend’s throat in a fit of rage which ultimately led to his death. The neighbours heard the commotion and called the police who then booked the accused Chukwuma on murder. Both Nigerian nationals had been living on expired visas.

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