‘Mauka Mauka’ Parody is a Pale Shadow of the Original

The spoof of the popular series of commercials touches on too many sensitive topics

The ‘Mauka Mauka’ commercials were introduced to promote India v/s Pakistan match at ICC Champions Trophy for Star Sports and featured Vishal Malhotra in the lead role. A new parody version of the popular series of commercials by V Seven Pictures has notched up more than two million views in a few days.


The ‘Mauka Mauka Ads’ were wry and subtle, but the spoof includes a very sensitive topic—last year’s Surgical Strike. There is clearly a lot of tension depicted in the video between the Indian and Pakistani fan. The ad includes lines like, “Cricket hi aise jagah hai jaha tujhe harane pe saboot nahi dena padhta” (“Cricket is the only place where we don’t need to prove that we beat you”) The 3-minute-22-second ad is admittedly a bit funny, but the chest-thumping nationalism could have been avoided.


Cricket fans are eagerly awaiting the India vs Pakistan match on June 4. Indian fans are hopeful that history repeats itself and India remain undefeated by Pakistan in the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy.

Watch the video here: