Me and the Iron 883

Me and the Iron 883
“Hey, Tom wanna go to Adventure Harley-Davidson with me Thursday night after work,” I belted as I toweled the sweat off my forehead and arms. “I want to check out that Iron 883 that some of the guys on the cement crew have been talking about.”

“Hold on a second Scott, while I check my meeting planner. I heard a couple of the managers talking about the Iron 883 in the hallway the other day. Yeah, I’m free let’s go! See you around 5:30 on Thursday.”

“I am tired of working endlessly in the hot sun and not having a ride to blow off some of this pressure. I need to escape! I need some adventure,” I caught myself growling out loud.

“Scott, I thought Thursday would never get here. I’ve been buried in meetings and merger talk all week. I needed to get out of here and feel alive. Don’t want to grab any dinner. Lets head straight for Adventure .

“Man, I read that the Iron 883 has a black powder-coated 883cc Evolution powertrain with black covers. It also has that (ESPFI) Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection. I heard it has a broad torque curve and give you lots of power in the city setting,” I raved as we took off toward Adventure Harley-Davidson.

“Yeah, they said it had a black chopped rear fender. You can see more of the 150mm rear tire because of the combination stop/turn/tail lights. The wheels are even black. It’s got 13-spoke cast aluminum wheels, a 19″ in the front and a 16″ in the rear. It’s all dark due to the black front forks and fender supports, fuel tank, oil tank cover, belt guard, drag style handlebar and mid mount foot controls.” Tom rambled with anxious anticipation.

“Man, you sound like you’ve been drooling over this bike as much as me. It comes with a one-piece, solo classic seat about 25.3 inches. I could ride that sweet Iron 883 all by myself. One great thing about the Iron 883 is this. If Julie decides she wants to ride we can have a passenger seat and backrest added. Sorry Tom, I couldn’t wait. I called Adventure at the beginning of the week and had a long talk with the sales crew. Tammy and Tori in financing let me know that I can get this Iron 883 and hit the road right away. Maybe this weekend.”

“Scott, what a buddy you are. Yeah, lets go to Adventure Harley-Davidson on Thursday and check out the Iron 883, ha. I can’t believe you jumped the gun and called up Adventure.”

I chuckled to myself as we pulled into Adventure Harley-Davidson. Tom was sitting there fretting like a weak puppy and I had gotten the scoop on the Iron 883 already. Yeah that’s the way to do it, I thought as I slapped Tom on the shoulder. “Come buddy lets go check out the Iron 883.”

“Hello Tom, what up,” Matt bellowed across the sales floor as he walked to meet us.

“Tom, how does he know your name,” I asked dumbfounded.

Patience good buddy, you’ll find out in time,” Tom said as he walked away from me.

Got your Iron 883 over here ready to go,” Matt informed Tom as my jaw dropped.

Why, you sneakin’ devil, you,” I blurted as Tom started to grin.

Both of our jaws dropped as we stared at Tom’s Iron 883. “All I can say is, Matt let’s talk!”

Well, Tom have fun tonight,” I said as Tom rolled away on his new Iron 883 . “I’ll ride with you Saturday when I pick mine up, buddy.”

Source by Brenda Boylan