Meet Bhavya Rathi, Bhopal’s First Beauty Blogger

Bhopal’s first beauty blogger, Bhavya Rathi speaks about her blog, Glosh up.

Gone are the days you’d wait for the monthly fashion magazine to be delivered at your doorstep. Everything is online now at the click of a button, from funky new makeup brands to the latest beauty trends. Beauty bloggers have been flooding the internet for some time now but the good ones always stand out.

26-year-old Bhavya Rathi, Bhopal’s first beauty blogger, is one of them. Her blog Glosh up which talks about beauty and make-up has been operational since a year now and has come a long way since. Here are some excerpts from an interview where she discusses her blog beauty blog, her credibility and her favourite part about blogging.

1. How did your love of makeup originate?  When did you start blogging?

When I was a little kid, I was always intrigued by my mother’s beauty products. Whenever she was not looking, I’d apply make-up on myself and feel great about it. As I grew up, my passion  for make-up grew too.
I began to earn, and started trying new and different products. It was then, that I thought of writing about it, and landed with my own blog – Glosh Up.

2. With so many beauty blogs out there, how do you differentiate yourself?

That is correct, with so many beauty bloggers; it is extremely difficult to set yourself apart from the rest. But what is important is to find that one hook, just hang onto it, and build around it. Sure, there might be other people with the same unique focus, but that is inevitable. It’s just a matter of ensuring your content is exclusive, honest, and comes from first hand trial and error. It can’t be information that you’ve just read in other places and presented.

3. How do you ensure your blog’s credibility?

I would say my unique point is transparency. My blog is a place where you will get the right information about products and remedies that I have tried out myself.

4. For how long do you generally test a product before reviewing it?

Before actually trying a product I do some secondary research on it. If it’s something that is really worth trying then I buy it and use it on myself for a minimum of one week before giving my verdict and review for it. I stay completely honest and transparent with my information.

5. What are the things you take into consideration while writing about a product? What is the basis of your judgement?

For me, the most important thing is to see that the product actually does what it says it does. Then I determine the degree to which it does what it claims, and lastly if it’s actually that effective or necessary for your skin. For instance, I used a Plum Kajal, that said it would stay on the waterline of your eye for at least 12 hours, so that’s what I’ll check for while reviewing a product.

6. What kind of products do you use? Do you have a preference for herbal cosmetics?

I have no preference of one over the other, really. I see the composition of ingredients, and determine how it will affect different skin types. Not every product works the same for everyone. But it’s no secret that staying as natural as possible is best for your skin.



7. People are getting more conscious about how they look and experimenting with their looks. As a beauty blogger, what role do you feel you play in forming their opinions?

By and large, I do not feel that beauty is defined by make-up, or that expensive cosmetics will cover everything one sees in them as a flaw. So I stay 100 percent honest, and even by best to promote other forms of skin care like healthy eating habits. These are things young girls need to be more concerned about, so I try to present that information as much as possible.  My role in the industry is giving correct information to the readers and users, and even those who are still learning or beginning to use make-up.


8. What is the best part about beauty blogging?

I get to apply make-up, and I get to pamper myself. I’m the kind of girl who stands in front of the mirror and applies make up, it makes me feel good.

9. What are your future plans for Glosh up?

I planning to start my YouTube channel and become a Vlogger too. I’m also trying to blog more frequently.