Meet The Cyclist Who Raised 25 Lakhs For Cancer Kids

Jasmeet Singh Gandhi has cycled over 3,000 km to raise funds for social causes


Jasmeet Singh Gandhi is not your average corporate suit. He’s a man with a mission. This Microsoft employee has raised over INR 2.11 crore cycling for various causes.

He’s cycled to help combat cancer and he’s cycled for the education of the girl child. His cycling journey began in 2014 when he decided to cycle 1,000 km between Mumbai and Bengaluru to raise 25 lakhs for underprivileged kids suffering from retinoblastoma. He says, “Not many people are aware of Retinoblastoma (a common malignant cancer of the eye). It is a rare form of cancer and is found exclusively in young children. Given that children are highly prone to it and that there is a lack of awareness, we felt it was important to spread awareness among the masses.”

Image: Facebook
Singh partnered with the Iksha Foundation for the cause and he raised funds on the crowdfunding platform “In the first year, it was just me for Iksha foundation. My family and close friends were in disbelief at first, but were very supportive of the idea. So my battle there was half won, you know?” he says. Singh rode alone from Mumbai to Bangalore all by himself over nine days. The cost of treating one child is approximately Rs. 1,00,000 per year. Singh was set out to raise Rs. 10 lakhs, and this couldn’t have happened without Ketto’s help. “Before I began my ride, I went on air with RJ Hrishi K to talk about my fundraising idea. I believe Varun, the founder of Ketto, was tuned in. Soon after the show, I got a call from him. And that’s how we connected and decided to run the campaign,” he says. Through this campaign, Singh managed to raise 25 lakhs in total. Thanks to the success of this campaign, the word reached out to more people. This led to more people wanting to contribute. “In the second year, the ride was from Mumbai to New Delhi for an NGO called IImpact with four riders. Followed by the third year with 12 riders,” he explains.

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Image: Facebook
Singh’s story has spread far and wide. IIFL has signed a contract promising to donate one crore per year for the next four years. He has already raised over Rs. 2.11 crores for cancer and the girl child’s education. Jasmeet Singh has captured people’s imagination in a beautiful way. He continues to inspire a huge legacy of fundraising events.