Men Hold Cat Hostage for $50

They wanted compensation for the expenses they incurred on the upkeep of the animal

This is a cat but it is not Lefty

A little girl lost her pet kitten in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. She did what most people would do:put up flyers with the kitten’s photograph and her telephone number. The girl’s mother did get a response about the lost kitten, affectionately named Lefty but with a bizarre demand— a ransom.  The men who were holding the cat hostage sent a message to the girl’s mother that read, “I had to buy her kitty food and medicine. In order for me to release the kitty, I will need a payment of $50 at the least. $50 or I can just keep the cat.”

The men were adults in their 20s, “old enough to know better,” says the mother who wishes to remain anonymous. Not only did these young men demand $50 (INR 3335 approx.) for taking care of the cat, they also did not hand over the food and the medicine they claimed to have purchased for the cat.

Lefty is in safe hands and back with her family but the mother of the little girl is still annoyed about the whole incident. “I just wanted to go out and shout from the rooftops, you know, look what this person did to take advantage of a child,” she says. We hear your message loud and clear.