Metformin Side Effects, One Dangerous Risk Is Lactic Acidosis


You Are On Metformin and Have Questions About The Side Effect of Lactic Acidosis

Upon this diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus Type II you are prescribed medications to make sure that your blood sugar levels does not shoot up or fall down that fast. Metformin is a product that is being used by over a million diabetics in the United States of America who are diabetic with elevated Blood Sugar Levels, and complain of shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats and nausea. Aside from that, one potential risk looming behind the intake of this product is called Lactic Acidosis. It is indeed a life-threatening condition that has the mentioned symptoms all rolled into one. Medical practitioners frown upon drugs that have such side-effects but as of this time, there is no other kind of medication that proves to be as effective as Metformin at driving your blood sugar level down – and immediately.

For the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to label such medication with a special warning, diabetics with Type II Diabetes are advised to take precautions on it since dependence on the drug may lead to congestive heart failure or kidney problems. The main evidence of having Lactic Acidosis has baffled more and more medical practitioners over the years. The reason is because the condition creates an imbalance of acid levels in the blood, which in turn is very harmful to the body.

Alcohol, That Bottle Of Wine Or Bottle of Beer

A health condition like Diabetes is indeed a risky condition much less when you are still unable to let go of your alcohol intake. For you see, large amounts of alcohol can trigger a lot of health problems that is even beyond Diabetes. When taking alcohol together with the medication, Lactic Acidosis is more likely to happen. You also have to understand that the reported deaths from this illness do not happen mainly because of the related medical condition. What is being shared in the literature is that when you are dependent on Metformin, the chances are high that you may acquire blood poisoning and liver damage. That is why regular consultations with your chosen physician is of course highly recommended.

Other Actions The Profession Says Might Help To Defeat Diabetes

There are other solutions to get around this life-threatening condition. A simple change is through re-arranging your eating habits, alcohol consumption together with maintaining an active lifestyle. An effective place to start is to find a “Diabetic Dietitian” (One who deals with diabetics) and have them help you discover what Natural Complex Carbohydrate Foods are.  These foods that our parents and grandparents ate are natural normal foods that may take up to 4 and a half hours to digest, converting to glucose slowly and not drive your sugar up only to crash in a short time.

It is well known the diabetics are short of several vitamins and minerals. Consider taking all Natural herbal supplements. Clearly these non-prescriptions do not suggest to be of any possible cure on Diabetes, this supplement can do wonders to the over-all performance of your body and it’s ability to fight back. Some of these supplements may help with the sugar cravings and the overeating.  Clearly weight control is a key path back to controlling diabetes for many people.  Weight, the food you eat and exercise, will help in the production of insulin in your pancreas to keep you from the dangerous effects of Hyperglycemia or Hypoglycemia.

It’s Your Life, Protect It

These Side Effects do not have to happen to you. Blood poisoning and liver failure does not have to happen to you and other patients taking Metformin. What is advised by your doctors should be respected but after finding out the adverse effects of the prescription drug, it shows that exploring Natural Paths to health is important and choosing supplements to support your health and recovery might just prolong your life and improve your health.

Source by Robert P. Tracy