Milind ‘Ultraman’ Soman is Making India Very Proud

From supermodel to Superman, is there anything this man can’t do?


While we were dozing, drinking beer, eating chocolates & pizza, Milind Soman was busy earning the Ultraman title. The model-turned-actor-turned-activist is the perfect person to look up to for fitness aspirations. He is unstoppable and a bonafide fitness freak.

After winning the title of ‘Ironman’ two years ago, Soman has added ‘Ultraman’ title to his kitty. On Monday, February 20, he completed the Ultraman Marathon in Florida, which is considered to be one of the toughest marathons in the world. The savvy actor ran along with four other Indians Abhishek Mishra, Kaustubh Radkar, Prithviraj Patil and Manmadh Rebba and covered a distance of 500km in three days.


While people in India run marathons in double digits, Milind Soman runs in triple digits. The Ultraman Marathon is not an easy one.

The 517.5 kilometers marathon requires each participant to do the following:



What’s interesting is that Soman was the only contestant who ran barefoot and completed the marathon in 34 hours and 46 minutes and ranked 41st in the race. With winning this race, Soman yet again proves that age is just a number. Kudos Milind Soman we are delighted and India is proud!