Modern-Day Rapunzel is an Instagram Trend-Maker

Trisha Reibelt has notched up 23,00 followers on Instagram with her vivid hair shades

Image Courtesy: Instagram/@treelocks

You must have come across Trisha Reibelt while scrolling through your Instagram feed. Reibelt’s stunning combination of hair colours has fans all over the world agape with amazement and flush with compliments. The 31-year-old Australian has been growing out her hair since 2004 and dyes her four-foot long locks in a new colour shade every month. From bright pinks, fiery reds, cool blues and rainbow-inspired colour schemes, Reibelt’s hair is unlike any you may have come across. Impressively, Reibelt dyes her all-natural (she doesn’t use extensions) hair herself with the help of a friend.

She tells Bayside Journal about her favourite hair colours, where she draws her inspiration from and how people react to her unusual locks.

1. What has been your favourite look so far?

I think my favourite dye scheme will always be my fire hair. It was my first multi-coloured full head of colour so it will always be a little bit more special.

2. What look are you not so proud of?

I have actually enjoyed all of the things that I’ve created on my hair. The only time I regret a colour choice is when I’ve used a colour that is notorious for its longevity and I’m feeling impatient about fading it out, ha ha ha.

3. How long does it take you to maintain your hair daily?

My daily hair routine is actually less time consuming than people think. For work, I will split it into two braids which I pancake (fluff out) before wrapping the braids around my head and pinning in place. Because it’s out of the way and not getting knotted up, it makes brushing it really easy. It only takes about 10 minutes to do.

4. Where do you draw inspiration from for dyeing your hair?

Sometimes I’ll choose the colours I want to use based on events (Christmas, Easter, etc) but a lot of the time, it’s down to what I feel like doing at the time. I will often work around the colours my hair has faded to – for instance, if my hair still has a lot of blue in it, I won’t use orange as it will look muddy.

5. Since you have mentioned that you dye your hair along with a friend, have you faced a situation where things have gone terribly wrong?

Not too terribly wrong, but my friend has accidentally managed to get dye on the ceiling when they’ve knocked a pot of dye onto the floor, ha ha ha. The force from the pot landing caused the dye to shoot out with enough force that it managed to hit the ceiling with ease. My friend was very quick to clean it off though so there wasn’t any staining.

6. You must have received plenty of compliments, any funny reactions to your hair that stand out?

One that definitely stands out is when I had a gradient of green-blue-purple-black on my hair. Green was the prominent colour as that was the colour around my face, and I had an elderly man smile a very big smile at me while saying “green” in a very delighted tone. I was happy to have made his day.

Little kids probably have some of the most fun reactions to my hair. I once had a little girl, about 4 years old, ask me if a fairy gave me my hair colours. When my hair was a reddish-pink colour, I discovered that Ariel from The Little Mermaid is very popular as I had a lot of little girls assume I was her.

7. How do dates/significant others feel about your hair? Do they love it or do they ask you to change it to something more conventional?

They have been fully supportive of my hair. I think like with most people who know me, they are curious to see what I’d look like with my natural colour, but they wouldn’t want me to dye it back just for them.

8. Do you ever feel you’ve had enough and want to back to regular, fuss-free hair?

Ha ha ha, there are definitely days where I feel like that. But I know if I were to either colour it back to my natural colour, or to get my hair cut to a more “normal” length, I’d miss it straight away. There will definitely be a day where I’ll try it out for something different but like with all my hair colours, it won’t be long until I’ll want to try something new.