Mosquito Menace for Kharghar Residents

Construction debris creates mosquito menace for residents of nodes


Ongoing construction, in various parts of Kharghar (Navi Mumbai), has made the residents live in the fear of malaria. Towards the evenings, these nodes are shrouded by mosquitoes that breed under construction debris strewn by construction workers.

Jaspal Singh Naol, a journalist and a resident of Kharghar Sector 18, while speaking to Bayside Journal said, “Construction debris thrown within the city not only gives the city a ghastly look but also is an invitation for many germs and insects to breed. Despite spraying pyrosin oil on regular basis, there is no sign of relief from mosquito menace, which has reached an alarming height. In the evenings, one cannot sit anywhere without using mosquito coil or liquid.”

According to CIDCO officials, the population of Kharghar is around 2 lakh, while the nodes have seen a recent surge in population. The sudden increase and continuous construction activities, has left the nodes clustered with debris and vulnerable to mosquitoes.

“We have complained to CIDCO officials about the pathetic situation. They have acted and increased the frequency of spraying but that is not enough to stop the menace. They must take some strong steps like not throwing construction debris within the node,” said Sangita Patil, another resident.

“We are trying our best to make the nodes mosquito-free but it will take time. As Kharghar is at a developing stage, we cannot stop construction work. Once the work slows down, we will aggressively begin cleaning work,” said a CIDCO official, who did not wish to be named.