Mountain Biking in Rotorua

Mountain Biking can be fun

As many people know, cycling is the perfect way to see the countryside. When you go via car or by bus the speed is too great to allow you to really enjoy all the countryside has to offer. But with a bicycle, you can take your time and get a real feel for each hidden valley and ridge you ride over. And when you ride a bike, you are not so likely to miss the beautiful scenery because you had to concentrate on watching the traffic and driving your car safely.

To that end many people choose to go mountain biking in Rotorua. Of course you wouldn’t want the bother of taking your own bike. Not only would you be afraid it could get damaged in the plane, but it would cost you extra to transport it. Mountain bike hire rotorua is the way to go. Bike rental is also a quick and easy option for those who find themselves in Rotorua with no transport of their own and would like to go out for a day or two on bikes with the whole family.

You don’t have to go cycling every day – unless you want to, of course. But having one or two days set aside to follow those intriguing cycle tracks through the forest to a beautiful destination of waterfalls, geysers, lakes or some other tourist site is a good way to enhance your holiday. It also gives you a chance to stretch your legs after sitting in the plane or car.

On holidays we tend to eat a little more because we want to try out some of the fabulous local dishes. Spending some time cycling will keep you healthy by giving you a chance to shed some of those extra holiday kilos you may have put on. Cycling is something the whole family can do together and will provide many wonderful memories of holiday fun times.

Planet Bike is a small, friendly company, based in the action packed centre of the North Island – Rotorua! A cycle friendly town famous for it’s geothermal activity from boiling mud pools to huge geysers. Rotorua has some of the best mountain biking on the planet’the best single track ever’ is what Gary Fisher had to say. Surrounded by forest we have 40km of purpose built single track on our doorstep, beautiful lakes to cycle to and spectacular rides through thermal areas. We recommend 3-7 days in Rotorua, the cultural heart of New Zealand – but if you’re a mountain biker you had better make it a couple of weeks! We can arrange all your accommodation, transport and sightseeing requirements.

Source by Biking Expert