Mumbai Hospital Prepares for 500 kg Egyptian Patient, Requires Funds

Egyptian Eman Ahmed is set to receive treatment to shed weight at Saifee Hospital

For the first time in 25 years, Eman Ahmed from Egypt will move from her bed to travel all the way to India to undergo a series of surgeries at Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital over a period of six months to shed weight, reports The Indian Express.

The 36-year-old patient is estimated to weigh 500 kg, has been bedridden for over two decades, and suffers from several ailments. Her family in Alexandria could not afford to have her treated. However, after her sister Shaimaa approached Muffazal Lakdawala, a Mumbai-based bariatric surgeon, there was a ray of hope for the family. Dr Muffazal tweeted an appeal with Eman’s photo on Twitter, and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj took notice of it and assured help.

Currently, around Rs 4.5 lakh has been raised for Eman’s treatment, but a lot more is required. Dr Lakdawala estimates the requirement of at least Rs 50 lakh to cover costs related to her stay for six months, the private cargo plane in which she will travel to India, and further follow-up procedures in the course of the next few years to follow.

Dr Lakdawala says that Eman has been bed-ridden since the age of 11 after contracting a string of diseases, including lymphedema (a condition in which fluid keeps accumulating in her arms and legs), hypothyroidism, diabetes, lung disease, and obesity. After suffering from a stroke, her right arm and leg have been paralysed. She also cannot speak clearly.

The team of specialists who will be treating Eman include cardiologists, an endocrinologist, a dietician, a physician, a neurologist, a nephrologist, an anaesthesiologist, apart from Dr Lakdawala himself. The hospital will also be constructing an 800 sq ft space with a large entrance to accommodate Eman.

If enough funds are raised, Eman will be arriving in Mumbai in February.

Lakdawala said he has offered his services for free, as also the team of specialists that will treat Eman, including cardiologists, an endocrinologist, a dietician, a physician, a neurologist, a nephrologist and an anaesthesiologist. Besides, the hospital is creating an 800 sq-ft space with a large entrance to accommodate the patient.