Murano Glass: Fun Facts and Trivia

It will help you to better understand the real Murano Glass from the fake.


Murano Glass is a type of glass which is very special and sought after because of the beauty that it holds. Many people buy Murano Glass that is fake because they are not familiar enough with it. You will be able to understand more about Murano Glass by reading the information below. It will help you to better understand the real Murano Glass from the fake.

What Is It?

This glass was made by master artisans that were famous from the Murano island. This is located near Venice, Italy. It is used most often in the production of ceiling light, floor lights, wall sconces, chandeliers, vases, sculptures, plates, pitchers, decanters, bowls, drinking glasses, statues, walls, and even jewelry. Murano Glass and Venetian are now in today’s time considered the same.  

How Is It Made?

Murano Glass is made using silica sand and is then mixed with different types of metal oxides. These two are blended and then placed in vats that are large and surrounded by a fire in heated ovens that are gas. The temperature in these gets to be around 1,200 Celsius in order to melt and blend them into one. The blow pipe is then dipped by the glass master into the bed. The process of shaping then takes place and creations that are fantastic are made. 

Can It Be Repaired?

This depends on the type of damage to your Murano Glass. However, breaks that are minor are usually able to be repaired. Scratches and chips that are small can be fixed by an expert using a polishing procedure. You will need to hold onto all the pieces possible if you break it to have the best chances of being able to get it properly repaired. 

Real From Fake

If the Murano Glass is really it will have a sticker that comes with it and it will tell what furnace it came from. Many people buy pieces that are fake so it is important that you use a dealer that is trusted. You don’t want to end up paying for something that is not even real. If at all possible steer clear of just buying because someone said that it what you were going to get. It is really recommended that this type of glass is only purchased from someone that you know will sell you what you are actually paying for.

As you can see there is a lot to know about Murano Glass. The more that you know about Murano Glass the more able you will be to tell the real product from a fake product. The pieces that you get are sure to be stunning and provide you with just the beauty that you were looking for no matter what type of style you choose to get. The vases are great but so are the glasses and all the other types of ways that this wonderful glass is used to produce pieces that will leave you stunned at their beauty and the personal touch that was taken to make it.  

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