My Husband is Moody: How to Deal With It

If you husband's moodiness doesn't pass, that could be a sign of something more serious


Moody husbands!! I If you have one, you are not alone.

It’s odd but when a woman gets moody, people say “oh, it must be that time of the month”.  Well, what do we say when a man is moody?  “Oh, he must have had a hard day” (as if us woman just don’t simply have bad days too  LOL

Needless to say, we all have our moody moments.  Men and Women just handle moodiness differently.  The change in a man’s mood can be triggered by hormone fluctations (the same as in females) or stress.


As a woman, it is our natural instinct to want to talk it out with our moody husband.  We want them to communicate their feelings and we need to know why they are upset (although they may not even know themselves).  When our husband gets moody like that, we naturally want to make them better.  We all have a maternal instinct in us (regardless of whether or not we have children).

Men have more of a need to figure how to fix it but in their own heads.  Men and women have a natural difference in ways to problem solve.  Men don’t necessarily want to talk about it.  Women have a tendency to keep pushing our husband to talk about it (which can just compound the issue causing your husband to shut down more).  Communication with husband isn’t always easy.  when your husband gets moody like that, it is important to stay calm.  Understand your husband’s need for space at times.  Be there for him if he needs you but let him work through his own frustrations.  Don’t get easily offended, don’t get selfish.  Show him some affection but don’t overdo it.


Maintain your own good mood.  There’s no need for both of you to be moody (especially if you have children) You don’t want the children to see both parents in miserable moods.

If you husband’s moodiness doesn’t pass, that could be a sign of something more serious such as depression. Does he seem to become increasingly angry, moody and overly critical?  If the littlest things are just consistently setting him off and it doesn’t seem to be passing, professional help or advice may want to be considered.

If it’s not a constant thing for your husband to be moody, then just try giving a little extra understanding and space.


Try some fun bedroom games.  That usually tends to cheer a man up.  Good bedroom fun and some good food  (the 2 keys to a man’s heart LOL)

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Source by Michelle Bivens