My interview started at 2.15 pm. Though the climate was hot I had taken coat & tie with me for interview. I decided to wear these though none of the candidate had worn coats.

There were four members in the board. They asked some of the following questions………

I-                  May I come in sir?

M-          Yes come in please.

I-                  Good afternoon Sir.

M- Good afternoon to U.

1st m- What’s your name?

Ans- Mr. Harekrushna Behera

Q- Pl. Introduce yourself.

Ans- Myself, Harekrushna Behera, MA, M. Phil, Bed & NET is now working as a TGT, Social Science in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, NTPC, Unchahar, Raebareli, UP. Basically I belong to Orissa from Mayurbhanj district. I have also 8 years experience in this educational field.

Q- you have so many achievements & qualifications. Are U not feeling disgraced to join in the school level?

Ans- Sir I take pleasure to research in the school education. I worked for two years in a degree collage but what I feel is the real education lies in the school level. I have the keen interest in school working with the children.

Q- What are your hobbies?

Ans- Writing Articles, Reading books, Arranging Debates & group discussion,    Yoga & meditation. Sir these are my publications related to research work.

Member gives a glance to these articles & says very good.

Q- Mr. Behera, Which new technology you use in the class?

Ans- Sir, more often I use LCD projector.

Q- Give examples from ur topic how you prepare it.

Ans- For example the preparation of Quiz thru power point by the teacher, even by the students if there are groups.

Q-Do U know the names like Fakir mohan senapati, Kelu charan Mohapatra?

Ans- Yes sir. Fakir mohan senapati is a renowned writer & Kelu charan was the famous dance Guru in Odissi.

Q- Can U name any most famous book of fakir Mohan?

Ans- Chha Mana Athaguntha

Second Member

Q- Do U know the historians now a days see history from a different perview?

Ans- Yes sir I recall my teacher’s teaching at M.Phil level. Historians are trying to write history from the bellow. That’s why we see now a days the group of  workers, Farmers & tribals are included in the History.

Q- What are other types of Historians? Like that U said Sabaltun historians.

I became silent………..

Q- Four types of historians such as Imperialistic, Communists, Nationalistic, How have they interpreted history?

Ans- Nationalist historians like V,D Savarkar accepted 1857 revolt as the first war of India’s independence .

Q- U have not understood my question what I want. Compare the nature of national movement the each type of historian describe in their angle.

Ans- Imperialist historians accept the national movement is nothing but the effect of the imperial rule .

Q- O.k, O.K. Mr Behera.Tell me which topic in modern India U know more?

Ans- Sir in Gandhi( Because I had prepared teaching on that topic also)

Q- Can U tell What is STS?

Ans- Giving a pouse….Sir is it a book?

Q- No it is “Struggle, Technique & Satyagraha”

ANs – Sorry Sir

Q- What the simbole “Gandhi with an Umbrella” signify?

Ans- With a pouse….. by guessing….  Perhaps sir Gandhi became the center of the movement that signifies.

Q- Don’t use the word perhaps.

Ans – O.K sir. You are correct sir.


3rd Member (he asked the G.K. Questions)

Q. Which Indian  won the gold medal in Olympic game

Ans- Mr. Abhinav in firing

Q. What is the title?

Ans Sir Bindra

Q. O.K. Name a prime minister from UP

Ans- I became silence

Q. J.L.Nehru.

Q. Name the Missile man of India.

Ans- A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Q. Who is known as the Nacked Fakir among the British?

Ans- Gandhi

4th Member (he did not ask anything, only observing the candidate)

My Interview continued for 10 minutes.

Then after I showed the creativity in the class room, The Class Magazine . He appreciated it. I also showed T.Net & T. Plus. Then they said O.K.  Now U can go Mr. Behera. Thank U Very Much. I also paid thank U very much to them.

My Introduction & ending, both were fine. I was very confident. I talked with board member with proper smile & confidence. I hoped they will surely select me. But the result did not keep my name.

Thank to God to give me such opportunity to face that interview. Thanks Again.

By Mr.Harekrushna Behera

(The author is the teacher in Social Science, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, NTPC, Unchahar, UP) He can be contacted through

                                                                              E.Mail- [email protected]

Source by Harekrushna Behera