My Worst-Ever Financial Decision

Dropping loads of cash for a girl and spending insane amounts on unnecessary things – these are the worst financial mistakes of these Redditors' lives


Unless you’re a financial wizard with the luck of a leprechaun, you’ve surely committed a few financial mistakes in your lifetime. Redditors list out the worst decisions in their lives that involved money. Let this be a lesson to all.

1. Selling Apple Stocks

Selling my stocks in Apple because it had plummeted just too far.

A few weeks before the release of the iPod. [lasteclipse]

2. Not Investing in Apple

Someone told me to invest in Apple back in 2001 with a sizeable chunk of money. I thought they were crazy. They’re now retired in their 30s and I am not. Lol. [atreyal]

3. Getting Drunk

I was 21, in South Padre for spring break, got blackout drunk, next morning I couldn’t find my credit card, I went to the last known club I was at to find it along with my $1800 bar tab. [ryanzbt]

4. Buying Tickets Online

I bought a ticket to the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final from an Israeli man over the internet for £1,300 (about US$1,600). At the time of writing, I am yet to receive this ticket.

Please, nobody tell me the score! [sharings_caring]

5. Drug Addiction

I blew (literally) $30,000 in just over a month during the height of it all. [Your_Lower_Back]

6. Education

Went to an extremely expensive university for a stupid degree. 24-year-old me REALLY wants to kick the shit out of 18-year-old me. [GreatWhiteRapper]

7. Timeshare

Bought a timeshare. You cannot get rid of them, fees and dues for the rest of your life. [NWBoomer]

8. A Girl

I joined the military at 17 with a $20,000 sign on bonus. Got back, got the bonus ($10,000 a year after graduating AIT, two payments of $5,000 every two years after that). I had enrolled in my community college and was taking classes for free with scholarships and everything. I was getting the GI Bill at the time for almost $800/month just for going to class while simultaneously working part time. I had eventually saved up around $15,000.

Well then I met this girl, and let me tell you the things a man will do for sex… I moved to a new city for her, about 45 minutes from my community college, as opposed to living with my parents who were living in the same town as the college. We had a strange living arrangement. My girlfriend stayed with a mutual friend, who’s boyfriend lived with me, and we lived next door.

Cue the crazy, and I was working full time, going to school full time, while serving in the Reserves. Still collecting my GI Bill and everything. I had a decent income. More than decent, really. But she refused to get a job. She refused to go to her classes at the university there. I was stuck in a rock and a hard place, wound up paying for all of her doctors appointments (she had severe depression and chronic pain in her stomach almost all the time), my half of my rent, her half of her rent, my bills, her bills, her food, my food. I payed for literally everything you can think of that comes with renting an apartment while going to school.

Cut to a year and a half later, my savings are all gone, and I’m trying to make ends meet. At this point, I’ve been taking on random IT jobs for $60 here and there. I decided to end things with her and move out.

If I were to total it out, it would probably be around the $30,000 range, as the full time job/GI Bill/Reserve money all went to supporting her and myself. [mediocremadman]

9. Credit Card

My wife getting a credit card with a 20,000 limit. [Kingsolomanhere]

10. A Bitter Life Lesson

Had a girlfriend. First time I’d ever been in love. Well, I had started a business at a young age, and had more money than young me knew what to do with.

I bought her a car. I put her on my phone plan, and let her pick out the phone she wanted. I bought her clothes and jewellery. Took her out to expensive places. I gave her my everything. From my time to my money, I showered her with affection and gifts.

A little over a year into the relationship, she turned up pregnant, which would have been cool…had I been a boy. As it were, we were in a lesbian relationship. So, quite literally there was no possible way the kid was mine.

I was pissed, but asked if it was her ex’s, she had been hung up on him for a long time. Stupid as it was, I was considering staying, and trying to work past all this.

She tells me it’s his, and we have a long heart-felt talk about where we’re going. I’m hurt and angry, but willing to forgive.

Two months later, she confesses that she’s not sure it’s her ex’s kid. She tells me it’s between him and FIVE other dudes.

I dropped her after that. Still can’t believe I was stupid enough to drop so much cash on her, only to get burned. [TheLovelyFreja]

11. Playing with the Stock Market

Buying stock when I had very little understanding of what I was doing. I made $600 over night once and needless to say, that got me excited. I decided to dump some more money into those stocks. A couple days later, I lost over $3000. It just disappeared. [SubSonicHighColonic]


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