Natural Cure For Treating Frigidity In Women Fast And Naturally

These tips will help you get your wife interested in physical intimacy once again

Frigidity in women is a condition that implies the fact that those women don’t enjoy sex, have a decreased or even absent libido and fail to achieve orgasm. Sometimes frigidity can also be accompanied by fear of having sex or by repulsion towards such activities. Frigidity is not necessarily a medical problem and in the great majority of the cases, it is determined by psychological factors. It is best to approach frigidity using natural remedies that will enhance the woman’s libido better than using artificial substances or chemical products. A natural cure for frigidity in women will give the body the necessary “kick” that will make women enjoy lovemaking again, without having any side effects.


Frigidity in women might be caused by stress and anxiety. It is also closely related to being involved in an unfulfilling relationship or having troubles with the partner. Frigidity is common among women that were abused or that have gone through some sort of trauma. A woman in such a situation should first of all try to overcome the root causes, even though she needs a strong will power, but she should also follow a natural cure for frigidity in women in order to help her body achieve the desire for having sex.


A natural cure for frigidity in women is mostly based on herbal supplements. They contained a fine blend of herbs that balance the hormonal levels and increase libido. In order for a normal sex life, a woman also needs minerals and vitamins, so such supplements should also be considered. Herbal supplements usually do more than just boosting the libido. They also take care of vaginal dryness that sometimes occurs in women with frigidity and of symptoms of menopause.


The most efficient herbs that are used in natural cures for frigidity in women are damiana, ginseng, Muira puama and wild yam. Damiana is used as a libido enhancer for a long time and it also increases the pleasure felt during lovemaking because it makes the nerves more sensitive. Muira puama is probably one of the first herbs using in increasing the libido. It is highly efficient if it is taken for at least a couple of weeks. Ginseng is a tonic for the entire body and it also has a positive impact on the reproductive system and on the libido. It is good for the overall health condition of women and men alike. Fantasy and Kamni capsules are helpful in treating frigidity in women naturally without causing any side effects.

Source by Dr Easton Patrick