News on The Royal Wedding Of Princess Kate and Prince William

The Princess Kate and Prince William royal wedding is receiving widespread media attention all over the world. The thrill and excitement associated with the grand affair has only heightened since the office of the Prince of Wales at Clarence House announced their engagement on November 16, 2010. With the wedding date set on April 29, 2011, preparations are on in full swing for the iconic event that will be covered by every major television network around the world.

The two are set to marry at Westminster Abbey, an 11th century monument that has been the site of coronation of no less than 38 kings and queens. Built by Edward the Confessor, this structure is known for its splendid architecture and rich historical background. This, along with its relatively intimate setting and romantic appeal, is said to have dictated its choice by the couple as the place where they would like to say their vows.

Every detail pertaining to the royal wedding is being covered in the media in intricate detail, be it the wedding cake, the trousseau, the menu, the guest list or the preparations that are taking place in the royal household in the countdown leading to the fateful day.

However, most of it is still speculation at best as even the buffet-style wedding breakfast that is being prepared by Mark Flanagan – the Queen’s Head Chef – is being kept a closely guarded secret. So far, the chef has only hinted about an all-British menu that would include hot and cold canapes along with patent favorites such as smoked salmon on beetroot blinis.

The royal wedding of William and Kate will have two cakes. The official one is a multi-tiered fruitcake that is being made by Leicestershire baker Fiona Cairns and will be decorated with edible flowers. The other one will be an unbaked chocolate biscuit cake by McVitie’s that is an all-time favorite of Prince William and has been especially requested by him to be prepared using the secret Royal Family recipe.

More than 1,900 wedding invitations have been sent out by the couple in the name of Queen Elizabeth II requesting the presence of friends, family and a long list of royals and diplomats at the event. Of these, only 600 people have been given invitations for a lunchtime reception at the Buckingham Palace.

As for the wedding trousseau, the dress that Princess Kate is expected to wear when she walks down the aisle as a miss for the last time is a closely guarded secret that everyone is holding their breath for.

Source by Sandy Rutherforde