9 Foods That Help In Weight Loss

Losing weight is the major concern everyone now. After all who doesn’t wants to get in shape? Going to the gym every day, counting calories and still no
Here are a few food products which can help in weight loss!

1. Apple


Apples keep you full and has a good fiber content . You can have apple in the form of a juice, smoothie or as an apple salad too. A medium size apple has around 50 calories and is a great snack.

2. Dark Chocolate


Dark chocolates are any day better than the milk ones as they are more satiating. They have antioxidants and having a tiny piece everyday makes you less likely to reach for a high calorie dessert.

3. Soup


Be it a chicken soup or vegetable soup, it is the best thing to kill hunger as it keeps you full, has less calories and one should take it before their meals to avoid over eating at the time of main course. It’s also nourishing and hydrating.

4. Eggs

Rich in proteins which helps keep you full for a longer time. A perfect way to kick-start your day. You are less likely to reach for that muffin in the middle of the day if you’ve had a protein rich breakfast.

5. Yogurt


Yogurt is yummy and the healthy too. A great alternative to ice-cream!

6. Beans


Beans are very rich in proteins and fibre. It takes time to digest, therefore it keeps us full for a longer time.

7. Nuts


Nuts are a perfect and filling snack but restrict yourself to a handful of them. It’s full of healthy fats which aid weight loss.

8. Leafy Vegetables


Leafy vegetables are extremely good for one’s health. You can have them boiled, stir-fried, or as a smoothie. They are filling and packed with essential nutrients.

9. Grapefruit


Did you know that grapefruit has fat burning properties? Having grapefruit juice before your meals can help in major weight loss. It helps curb hunger and many celebrities have it for breakfast everyday.

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