Nine Places to Check Out in Happening Vasai

Whether your budget is Rs 500 or Rs 5,000, there are enough things to do and eat for you here


The town of Vasai, 51 km away from Mumbai, has traditionally been known for its Vasai fort and its Suruchi beach. As a result, the standard view of Vasai is that of a sleepy seaside place. But few people know that Vasai is now experiencing a construction spree that has given it not only many housing complexes and gated communities but also an upgraded municipal bus transport system. Of interest to us are the hangout places that have come up in this interesting and multi-cultural town in the past few years. Here’s a quick list of hangout places that you might want to check out when you go exploring this interesting little town.

1. Madhuban


This vast open space features endless roads with clean air and mountain views, making it a paradise for bike riders. It’s also a good place for a group of friends to sit and enjoy the sunset (or sunrise, if you go early enough). The reflection of the red sun on the lakes there is breathtakingly beautiful. It is also a great place for you to have some alone time and get lost in your thoughts.

2. Suruchi


This is a perfect spot for beach lovers. It is a lovely place to have a day-long picnic with your loved ones. Young boys come here to play football and volleyball. A small garden off the beach is an attraction for children. The people living in the nearby village cultivate small leafy vegetables and herbs. Also near the beach is a fancy restaurant, Suruchi Zeal, where you can enjoy delicious food after your day out.

3. Tungareshwar

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This protected forest provides an absolute escape from the fast and busy life. Tungareshwar is at its most mesmerizing during the rains. It’s a very beautiful place for trekking and nature photography—because the jungle has a wide variety of birds, reptiles and insects. Youngsters prefer bathing in the waterfalls. It’s advisable to leave the place before 6 p.m., because it is after all the wilderness. And it is preferable to go there with a wildlife expert.

4. Dreams, the Mall 


Dreams includes a movie theatre, Carnival Cinemas, where you can go with your friends and family for a movie. After the movies, you can munch on some burgers & french fries at the local McDonalds. For good Indian cuisine, there’s a restaurant named Neelam-e-Punjab. Also, you can find an eating area inside the mall and a good shawarma place outside the mall for a quick bite.

5. Killa Road


This is a road filled with good street-food places. Killa Road is well-known locally for its ‘Khau Galli’ (literally, Snacks Lane) which offers fast foods like chaat, Indo-Chinese food, dosas, etc. But if that’s not your thing, there are other, more fancy places like Urban Juice Café, Social Brew and Dominos here. Social Brew is famous for their freakshakes (a kind of layered milk shake). It is a perfect date destination. Urban Juice Café and Dominos are more casual hangout places for college students nearby.

6. Vasai Fort


How could we not mention this tourist attraction, which is an evergreen destination in both the literal and the figurative sense. This is a perfect stop for history freaks. The ruins of the Portuguese-built fort have now become nothing less than a happening place. A lot of boys and girls from the villages nearby come to the fort to spend quality time with each other. Also the famous British band Coldplay has shot parts of their latest music video ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ in this fort. Groups of friends come here to play outdoor games or just to have a small picnic.

7. Café Chokolade


Café Chokolade is a pleasant place to enjoy a delicious dessert. Though it’s a small place, it has become a destination for youngsters. It’s a budget friendly café. We especially liked the sticky notes which the café provides, and on which customers can share their experiences and spread love.

8. Suncity


Located in the western part of Vasai, Suncity is a social hub for all the local youths. Bikers, joggers or just friends who are out for a stroll, visit this place. Further down the road is a garden with two beautiful lakes, a simple workout area and a lot of greenery around.

9. Dattani Mall


Dattani Mall includes Miraj Cinemas, Goal Post and many other shopping attractions. Goal Post is the only sports bar in vasai. It’s a hub for youngsters. Miraj Cinemas offers movie shows at Rs.50 per ticket, which attracts a lot of young non-working people as well.

Whether you’re a biker looking to go for a long drive, or someone who wants to unwind by exploring this interesting place, Vasai has a lot to offer you. Whether your budget is Rs 500 or Rs 5,000, you’ll find something interesting to do and eat. So please come down to my hometown and enjoy the local hospitality. See you there!

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