Non Profit Organization Or Social Service Organization Is The Source To Give Back Some Thing To The Society

Individual who have the zeal of serving the society and look for betterment of the community around them should know more about non profit organizations to fulfill their dream of giving some thing back to society. There are few things to be understood by volunteers to make a mark in Non Profit Organization arena.

Individuals who want to be part of social service organization, first they need to understand the meaning of Non profit organization and nature of goals. Basically Non Profit Organization is an Organization that acts as a helping hand for the society and in return not aiming profit for their service they have provided. As nonprofits should not be considered as one of the alternative business form for fund raising, doing the same the organization cannot be categorized as nonprofits.

Organization formed by group of friends or family members can be informal nonprofit organization. To be known as genuine non profit organization world wide, you need to set up mission for your organization and with the intention of serving the people with social service activities. Non profit organization includes missionaries, charities, volunteer organizations and social service organizations which are organized as formal organizations.

There are many developing nations were social issues like poverty, education, medical care, rehabilitation for child, child labour and senior citizen welfare are still prevalent. India is one among these developing nations hit by social issues which inturn is weakening country’s progress. To handle these social issues efficiently and with confidence, NGOs in India are stepping in as a resource for underprivileged slums by organizing various activities like spreading awareness programmes, rehabilitation programmes for child, education programmes for children, medical and health care programmes.

Non profit organizations in India are not directly motivated by itself because it’s mainly based on the motivation factor of the individuals who are working for the organization. Many NGOs in India had tasted its success only through the assistance provided by the government or by the foreign donors. Its responsibility of social service organization or non profit organization to unite people who share the vision of a developed India at the same time to give back something to the society which we are an indispensable part of.

Source by yatn