Now is the time to change


Who says you can’t pursue the life you love while still working at the same job?
You might not be in your dream job or working the hours you wish but this doesn’t mean you cant pursue what you really want out of life.

Who says you can’t succeed in a new country, choose a new career or start a business?
So you’d love to go to Australia and start a new life, dust yourself down and kick start a new career or even work from home whilst starring out at the beach everyday. This is not an impossible option and can be made into reality.

Who says you can’t achieve your dreams because you are married and have kids?
People say to do things with your life before you get married or have children as you wont have time after this. I disagree with this and you can have your family join in with your dreams and share the memories? Or even have them looked after of an evening if your dream is to do a university course or weekend away. Your life doesn’t stop when you have children and get married, its all part of life!

Who says you’ve come to the end of the road and that there is no way forward?
There is always a way forward or a left or right turn. You are not on autopilot or if you feel like you are its time to slam on the brakes, take note of what your doing and put your changes in place.

Who says you are not good enough or even capable of achieving your goals?
If anybody puts your down dont let it affect you. You have your own life and your own wishes and dreams. Whoever the person is that is saying any comments to you, take a look at their life and see whats great about theres. Its likely they are unhappy and would like to be changing their ways like you intend to do.

Who says you have to continue settling for less than you deserve?
If you think youve maxed out or you just cant seem to get where you want to be. Dont give up! Dont panic! Continue with what you are doing and in some way or another you will find happiness with what your trying to achieve and you will deserve it.

Who says you can’t do better for yourself and win?
Its not a competition. You’re not competing against your friends or family member or the random guy at the end of your street. You are motivating yourself to do what you want to do. How you want to live your life. Just don’t be too hard on yourself if it takes longer then expected.

I do lists and lists. I have so many things i want to achieve out of my life that i feel like i just wont get round to doing it. Quite a few things can get in my way with anual leave from work, money, who to go with and whens best to do it.

Keep your head down and you will achieve what you want out of life. Remember the saying ‘life is too short’ and its true. We are already in July 2012 and its flown by! The times passes and if you continue on auto pilot then you wont get anywhere.

STOP. Take this opportunity right now to write down the things you want out of life from marriage and kids to getting a dog, seeing parts of the world or applying for a new job! Good luck and keep yourself motivated by the end goal you want to achieve

Source by Litherland