Now Swipe Your Card in Mumbai Rickshaws

Sunil Kumar Singh’s auto-rickshaw is the first in the city to have a card machine

Credit: Flickr/ mattjkelley For the purpose of representation only

Sunil Kumar Singh has taken the concept of Digital India to a whole new level! His auto-rickshaw is the first in the city to have a POS (Point of Service) machine.  His tech-savvy vehicle will allow Mumbaikars to pay by card for their commute.

Singh’s tech-savvy ride offers a few, unexpected luxuries to passengers. There is Wi-Fi, an LCD screen that plays movies and songs via flash drives, an ash tray, basic refreshments and more. His ride is also known for its fancy interiors. Should you ever have the opportunity to ride in Singh’s autorickshaw, you will observe bright LED strips running along the roof and three fans to help beat the heat.

Singh’s autorickshaw has gained a lot of attention in and around Juhu and Bandra, and has now become perhaps the first rickshaw to be equipped with a swipe machine. He also has a Paytm account which he set up a month after the government’s demonetisation decision.

The idea behind this upgrade is to keep his business running and make up for all the losses he faced during the cash crunch phase.

Sources also state that he’s more popular around the areas mainly because of the swipe machine facility offered to the passengers. He has had several customers who ask for his contact details and call him whenever they are in need for a rickshaw ride. In a recent interview Singh said, “I suppose the government has a plan, but I got the swipe machine for entirely practical reasons. I spend a lot on the conveniences I offer my passengers, and nearly everything is free. So, I couldn’t afford to let my earnings be affected.”