Old Insults That Deserve a Comeback

Time to expand your vocabulary

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These days, when you want to insult someone you don’t have that many options. There’s f***ker with prefixes that include mother and sister, there’s a*se or a** if you’re American and the polite say idiot and doofus. In India, if you ascribe to a certain political ideology, there’s anti-national, libtard and sickular. The point is: we are tired of these insults. They have lost their punch. Redditors come up with some great old insults that deserve a comeback.

1. You look like 10 pounds of shit in a five pound sack – [bamgrinus]

2. He’s no better than he ought to be”– [Schwarzeneko]

3. Dunderhead [RASGAS23]

4. Take a flying fuck at a rolling donut– [obsessederpina]

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

5. Your mother sucks all the bear penises in the forest– [Ajaxfellonhissword]

6. Rapscallions– [kitjen]

An old term for annoying children


7. I do desire we may be better strangers– [cubanpajamas]

From Shakespeare’s As You Like It

8. What, you egg? [magic_jesus]

From Shakespeare’s Macbeth

9. Dishonour on your cow – [Mage_of_Shadows]

10. All hat and no cattle- [LiterallyOuttoLunch]

All talk and no substance

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

11. You look like someone poured you into your clothes and forgot to say ‘when’– [ShlomoKenyatta]

12. Gentleman of Four Outs– [PM-SOME-TITS]

A person without wit, without money, without credit, and without manners.

13. Barbers Chair – [Socialist7]

A woman of easy virtue. Because she’s open to all comers.

14. A real Turd Ferguson– [whiskeydik]