One of the most distinctive laptop Asus U6

The Asus U6 notebook computer is one of the most distinctive laptops around, with its leather palm rests, a metallic brown lid and smart silver touches.

If you’re one of the guys that who want to make a statement with your laptopk, it seems that the first come to your mind is Apple, VAIO, and Alienware. But what about ASUS? While you may know them best for their motherboards and video cards, ASUS is a seasoned veteran when it comes to manufacturing notebooks, and they definitely make more than just EeePCs.

A 13.3-inch display panel using LED backlighting to offer bright and accurate colours. As with other Super-TFT displays, it reflects in brighter conditions, but we never found it to be a problem. Images were sharp, and there’s plenty of space for opening two documents side by side or for watching movies.

The rich, dark brown automotive finish on the mag-alloy lid has rainbow flecks that lend depth and interest. And unlike other glossy finishes, this one is surprisingly smudge-resistant.

Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 9300M G, NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS
Display: 12.1 inch
Weight: 1.6kg, 1.61kg
Price: 1400, 1799 euro

The SIM card for the 3G/HSDPA adapter is accessed by removing the battery. As is standard, the antenna for the module is integrated into the machine itself. The U6 uses Asus’ own 3G Watcher software, which we found simple to use, and is network provider neutral.

That sort of peace of mind is its own reward—as is carrying one of the best-looking ultraportables on the market today. Just have pity for the other road warriors stuck with those boring fleet-purchase PCs.

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