Overcoming Conditioning to Solve Your Weight Problems

Why eating and lethargy and not the reasons behind your weight problems; learn what it really is.


Many people with weight problems try diets, pills, shakes and exercise programs, all with no permanent results. The problem is often not overeating and lack of exercise but is in our conditioning.

If you have childhood memories of your parents rewarding you with food, or comforting you with food, you may use food as a means of providing comfort. If you have memories of stuffing yourself with your favorite foods to hide feelings of sadness, rejection or embarrassment, you may use food to squash unpleasant feelings.

Often people who come from families that have trouble expressing their feelings have problems with overeating. They associate food with love and use it to feel loved. They often have trouble expressing their feelings and hide their difficulty behind food.

Anytime you feel alone or unloved and reach for food as consensus, you are reacting to conditioning and adding to your weight problem, which adds to your feelings of rejection.

The first step is to recognize if this is your problem. If it is, then you need to notice when you tend to use food as comfort. When you find out your most vulnerable times, you need to find ways to provide yourself with the comfort you need, in ways that are not associated with overeating.

You need to discover things that make you feel good. Find things that boost your confidence, like clothes, jewelry or makeup. Find an exercise, like bike riding, that you enjoy and use it as a reward. Organize activities with friends or join groups that do activities you would like to try. Find other ways to reward yourself, to boost your confidence and to comfort yourself.

You can not give up food alike but you can change its importance in your life. Think of it as fuel instead of a means of comfort. Turn to a healthier choice for comfort and rewards and you will increase your negative condition to food.

Source by Wendy Streater