Oxford Dictionary’s Newest 16 Most Absurd Words of 2016

Bayside Journal has listed OED’s top 16 most absurd words added in 2016

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2016 has collectively been a terrible year for all of us. There has been an increasing number of memes on the Internet with millions using the hashtags #relatable. To make matters worse, even the English language has been scarred by this monstrous year!

Every year, Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is updated with new words entries. The words that are added are decided on the number of times they are used by the masses. Bayside Journal did a research on the updates for 2016 in the Oxford English Dictionary and is presenting to you our list of top 16 most absurd new words in 2016!

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1) Aayio 

Our enthusiasm to contribute to the firang culture sees no boundaries. With Priyanka Chopra enlightening the firang world on how it’s done, we are also contributing in our own ways. Aaiyo can be used in several contexts and has proven to be helpful to express even mere feelings.

‘’Aayio, I ordered the veg pizza instead of the chicken one!’’

2) Biatch 

Biatch, which means bitch, used by millennials because adding an extra alphabet makes ‘bitch’ sound even cooler. Sadly, it is now officially regarded as a word in the English language.

“Omg! She is such a biatch!’’ 

3) Butt-fuck

Yes, you read that right! Butt-fuck is a new entry in the OED and the joke is not only that. It continues to more such splendid words such as – butt-fucker and butt-fucking. Isn’t it a great time to be alive?

“I was butt-fucked because I was late to work.”

4) Duded-up

This unnecessary word has, somehow, gained importance in the eyes of editors of OED and has landed in the dictionary. Duded-up basically means dress up elaborately because the old “Hey man! You look great!” seems too uncool for school now.

“Look at Ben, all duded up for his date!”

5) Fuhgeddaboudit

As a literature major, it pains every inch of my soul to even include this word in this listicle. When I read this word has its own space in the OED, I felt how the actors feel in an Ekta Kapoor serial, with the mirror crashing along with the screen transitions.

Fuhgeddabout it stands for ‘forget about it’ but in a cooler way because hey, who cares about being grammatically right?

“Fuhgeddaboud the old writers, let’s ruin English with our mediocrity!”

6) Bodoh 

Bodoh is yet another divine contribution of ours to the OED, which basically means stupid or dumb. Generally used in a playful manner such as

“He forgot to get my books, such a bodoh!” 

7) Moobs

Moobs refers to the breasts of a man; because this is where we need to focus. Equality lies right here; why must girls have all the fun and names for body parts, amirite?

“Bro, my moobs are bigger than yours.”

8) Bruh and bruv

Started from the bottom, and we are still at the bottom. OED has fallen into the trap of our generation and its need to use a slang for every word. Bruh signifies brother. Bruv is a synonym for the same. Kya accomplish kiya yeh daalke, OED?

“Bruh, why are you so sad?”

9) How’s your father

Among the phrases entered in the OED, my eyes stumbled upon this one only to be left startled. I Googled it and hoped that it did not mean what I think it does, but ‘expect the unexpected’ is the quote 2016 has pushed me to live by. For those of you who are unaware, ‘how’s your father’ is used euphemistically to refer to sexual intercourse. Personally, I will never understand how a man can refer to himself as a father just to get laid. Using it may feel like a superior position to them, but to us ladies, it is just borderline creepy.

“Jen and I indulged in a bit of how’s your father last night. Oh, it was so good!”

10) YOLO 

Another word, which saddens me, more than George R.R. Martin’s plots, is the word YOLO. YOLO, which is an abbreviation for You Only Live Once, gained its popularity back in 2014. The word that has been tattoo-ed over many bodies (I kid you not) is now a word in OED! These are indeed exciting times!

“YOLO yo! Lighten up a little!”

11) FFS

FFS, stands for ‘For Fucks Sake’ is now an official English abbreviation. To the inventor of this abbreviation, I only have one thing to say to you:

FFS, read a goddamn book.”

12) FWIW

Being only 20, I felt old when my eyes came across this one. FWIW means For What It’s Worth. Remember the good old days when you could just talk in normal English without having the keen desire to abbreviate it?

“FWIW, the OED is only going to get more absurd.”


Well, well, well. If it isn’t yet another reminder of my youth fading away! ICYMI is an abbreviation for In Case You Missed It.

“ICYMI, my generation has ruined the English language in all possible ways!”

14) IRL

IRL means In Real Life. Yes, this as an official abbreviation in Oxford English Dictionary.

“IRL, sadly this is no scam.”

15) SMH

SMH, connotes for Shaking My Head is used to display shock or disappointment in other people’s behavior has paved its way to the dictionary because of its excessive use.

“SMH, Oxford editors.”

16) TBH

The commonly used TBH denotes To Be Honest.

Being guilty of using it myself, I didn’t think it would find its way in dictionary IRL, TBH.

(Did I just ‘cool kid’ perfectly?)

And that’s about it, folks! Shakespeare should feel very lucky for not being alive in 2016.