Oye Sardarji! Thanks Yaar

How the Sikh community has always stepped in to help the world in times of need

Image: Sikhwiki

Yesterday, we wrote about how the Sikh community in California opened their doors, hearts and Gurudwaras to Oroville evacuees. But this is not the first time that the Sikh community has come forward to help people in need.

They have stood up whenever people anywhere in the world have been in trouble. From Syria to India to the US. For this, they definitely need to be lauded. No matter what the crisis or calamity, we have always seen Sikhs get together and help people out.

Today Bayside Journal takes a look at few of the many instances where the Sikh Community helped us restore our faith in Humanity yet again.

1. Uttarakhand Flood Victims Receive Food from Langar Set Up by the Sikhs
June 16 – 17, 2013

The Sikhs of Delji Sikh Gurdwara management decided to take a different stand from everyone who were blaming the government for the floods. They actually went out and helped the ones in need by rescuing and serving the stranded pilgrims.

2. Sikh Charity Khalsa Aid Helps Thames Valley and Somerset Flood Victims-Feb 16, 2014

Source: express.co.uk
Source: express.co.uk

Wraysbury, Datchet and Colnbrook in Berkshire, and Chertsey, Staines, Egham, Sunbury and Ashford in Surrey received 414 tons of sand and thousands of bags from the Khalsa Aid for the flood hit communities. But it didn’t stop at this. Seventy tons of supplies of antiseptic and sand as well as dry suits were received by the residents in Burrowbridge on the Somerset Levels.

3. More than 70,000 People Receive Food Packets Daily During Floods in Jammu and Kashmir from Sikhs
– Sept 7, 2014

Langars, a.k.a. community kitchens, were established at various places in Srinagar. Along with this, food was packed for more than 70,000 people daily and Gurudwaras welcomed people from all religions with open arms without any discrimination. About 1,00,000 victims also received food which was airlifted all the way from Amritsar.

4. Earthquake Victims in Nepal Get Food Relief From New Delhi and Amritsar
April 16, 2015

Over 10,000 people were served hot meals in Nepal by two Sikh organisations from New Delhi and Amritsar. They also sent out 25,000 packets to Kathmandu.

5. Yazidis in ISIS Territory Are Helped by the Sikh Community-Oct 7, 2015

The Langar Aid, which is an extension of the Khalsa Aid set up a community kitchen to provide fresh bread to about 14000 refugees. This was done by way of a collaboration between the locals and a group of Punjabi NRIs.

6. Chennai Flood Victims Get Help From Khalsa Aid-Nov 8, 2015.

Sikhs provided food and basic necessities to the ones stranded and affected by the floods in Chennai. These are the same people who serve langar all over the world to the needy.

7. #PorteOuverte (Doors open) in Paris- Nov 13, 2015

The Sikh community took to social media with the hashtag #PorteOuverte which means doors open. This was done with a view to let people know that Gurdwaras in Paris had decided to keep their doors open night and day for those stranded after the Paris attacks. Sikh cab drivers also roped in by giving free rides home to people.

8. People Affected by Assam floods Receive Food From Sikh Community-July 2016

Yet again, while most people were busy complaining, the Singh Sahib Sabha Gurudwara in Dibrugarh reached out and helped flood victims.

9. They Also Came Out During Demonetisation-
November 2016

India was stuck in queues and people were dropping dead during the government’s demonetisation exercise. The Sikhs came out with food, water and tea then.

10. Californian Gurudwaras Take In Lake Oroville Evacuees-Feb 14, 2017

Image: Twitter/Chief_Hahn
Image: Twitter/Chief_Hahn

Heavy rains last week caused California’s Lake Oroville to overflow which prompted authorities to issue a mandatory evacuation order. 188,000 residents of nearby residents were affected and many had nowhere to go. Members of the Sikh Community in Northern California opened up their hearts and their gurudwaras to those who were in need of a place to stay. They offered food, shelter, medical aid and beds for those in need.