Pakistani Hackers Target Indian Airport Websites

The perpetrators have reportedly hacked into the websites of Cochin and Trivandrum airports

Pakistani hackers have reportedly hacked the websites of Cochin and Trivandrum airports reports Times Now. The hackers have been identified as Kashmiri Cheetah of Pak Cyber Attackers. Hacking an airport’s website can threaten the security of a nation as cyber crooks can pass on details of passengers and flight paths to belligerents. The same cyber attackers had hacked All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Raipur’s website in March with the following message: “Website stamped by Kashmiri Cheetah, Team: Pak Cyber Attackers. We are unbeatable. Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest.”

Amir Muzaffar a.k.a Kashmiri Cheetah had told Times of India: “All government sites are on our target and we search sites with ‘.nic or’ keywords, and once we find a security lapse, you know what happens.”

The Pak Cyber Attackers had hacked 24 government and academic institutes’ websites in 2015. According to TOI, it was mean to strike a blow to Narendra Modi’s Digital India week last year.

The Pak Cyber Attackers also attacked Google’s Bangladesh domain with a “Pakistan Zindabad” message on the website earlier this month.

India is 6th in the world when it comes to cyber crime and has the highest incidents of ransomware attacks. Experts say that the government needs to seriously improve digital infrastructure, train cyber cops and introduce cyber courts to tackle growing online threats.

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