Paris Makes Public Transport Free to Fight Air Pollution

The city is facing its worst levels of air pollution in a decade

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For the second consecutive day, Parisians can make use of the city’s public transport free of cost. The city has made public transport free for the past two days to combat worsening levels of air pollution. The city is facing its worst winter pollution in the past 10 years says the Airparif agency. A thick blanket of smog has enveloped the European city and is not being dispersed due to continued emissions for cars, wood fires and windless conditions said Airparif, an air quality monitoring network. School children have been asked to refrain from exercising outside.

Cars with certain license plates have been barred from plying the city on alternate days, a move that is similar to Delhi’s odd-even scheme. Hybrid cars, emergency vehicles, foreign cars and cars carrying three or more people will be permitted.

Paris has a reading of PM10, which means there are more than 80 microgrammes of fine air particles per cubic metre. The real-time air quality index in Paris is currently unhealthy. In comparison, the air quality in the world’s most polluted cities Beijing and Delhi is 62 (moderate) and a high of 399 (hazardous in AnandVihar, Delhi), respectively. Mumbai currently has an AQI (air quality index) of 184, which is considered unhealthy.

A few days ago, mayors from four major cities across the world, including Paris pledged to ban diesel vehicles by 2025.