People Tell Us What They Would Change about 2016

There are always certain things of the past one wishes to change


No matter how much one moves ahead in life, there are always certain things one wishes to redo or change completely. While 2016 has been a great year for many, for some, it wasn’t as great. And as the world is gearing to welcome 2017, Bayside Journal speaks to people from different walks of life to find out what they would, if given a chance, change about 2016.

Being Single

Sanika Govekar

“I have never dated. Most of my friends have partners, and I have felt throughout this year that it was now time to mingle. I don’t know why, but I didn’t do anything about it this year. I don’t want this scene to remain the same.”

– Sanika Govekar, 18, Liberal Arts student.

Flirting with Random Stalkers

Ashish Choraria

“I wish to undo flirting with this random stalker on Instagram. I actually did that just to make my girlfriend jealous. My girlfriend ignored it at first, but I ended up getting an earful from her after this stalker commented something very cheesy on my Instagram post. Oh boy, I had bullets raining on me that night. Note to self: Never try making your girlfriend jealous.”

– Ashish Choraria, 19, engineering student.

Not Living in the Present

Sneha Shenoy

“Between studies, classes and exam pressure, life had become stressful. But when I entered undergraduate college, I realised that it was important to enjoy each and every moment in life to the fullest, no matter what. A moment that is once gone, never returns.”

– Sneha Shenoy, 18, Management student.


Ayush Chadda

“The Syrian army regained the control over Aleppo, forcing the evacuation of close to 34,000 citizens in extremely horrid conditions. I wish they had spared attacks on the medical centres.”

– Ayush Chadda, 18, an entrepreneur and student

Making Time for Friends

“I drifted away from most of my friends this year, all thanks to my deep interest in studies. I was so much into my course books that I failed to realise the importance of having friends and staying in touch with them.”

– Saurabh Patel, 18, Commerce student.

The Demonetisation Chaos

Abhirup Dhar

I feel the entire demonetisation step should have been handled by the government in a better way. It continues to remain a great initiative to combat corruption in the country. However, it should have been managed well.”

– Abhirup Dhar, 31, banker.

Grab Every Missed Opportunity

Gargi Rajopadhye

“In 2016, there have been times where I pulled myself back from doing something or experiencing something. I was mostly unsure or not confident enough, but I want to go back in time and change that by grabbing every opportunity I have missed and seize every moment I didn’t wholly live.”

– Gargi Rajopadhye, 19, Media student.

Standing Up for Oneself

“This year had me exploring my sexuality and coming out to myself and a few others. While that happened, a lot of people I came across made me feel ashamed of myself. I regret taking all the hate mutely. I wish I could have been assertive enough and stood up for myself.”

-Raunak Nagarajan*, 19, student.

More Support for Sportspersons

“I wish the government focused a little more on sports in the country. Rio Olympics hasn’t been very great for the nation. Indian teams should have received better support in terms of kits, accessories, equipments, and perhaps sponsorships too.”

– Vishal Anand, 27, writer

Travel More Often

Jay Morzaria
Jay Morzaria

“I travelled thrice this year, but I feel I should have done that more often. There are several treks and trips that are organised every now and then. I think I should take small breaks from work and invest time in travelling, as it is very peaceful. Besides, interacting with new people often gives you new ideas!”

– Jay Morzaria, 22, an advertising professional.

Talk Less, Do More

Kautuk Srivastava

“From development to feminism and equality to inclusiveness, we have spoken about a lot of things this year. But we haven’t really executed much of what we planned to do. I hope in the coming year, we make less noise about our intentions and plans, and work on executing them instead.”

– Kautuk Srivastava, 25, comedian.

Addition of the Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus

Prathamesh Rege
Prathamesh Rege

“I wish Ophiuchus never got added. It is for those born between November 29 and December 17. This changes the whole idea I believed in about me being a Virgo all my life. And after 22 years of existence, I cannot digest easily this change in my zodiac sign. I wish NASA never came up with this.”

– Prathamesh Rege, 22, engineer.

Gaining Weight

Trupti Panicker
Trupti Panicker

“Moving to another country early this year marked an end to my routine morning walks. I started gaining weight and going to the gym did not help at all. Though swimming classes helped a little, I think I should have been more consistent with my walks and taken my weight gain seriously.”

– Trupti Panicker, 30, professor.