People Who Were in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Being at the wrong place at the wrong time is just the worst spot of luck anyone can have. Things can seem normal at first and quickly spiral out of control because you just happened to be at the exact location when an unfortunate incident is about to happen. Redditors list out their wrong place at the wrong time story.

1. New Apartment Had a Previous Drug Dealer Tenant

A few years ago my girlfriend and I had just moved into a new apartment in a really nice area. About 2 months later, we had a brick thrown through a back window, but assumed it was some neighborhood kid being a douche. A few days after that we had 6 guys with guns break into the unit while we were there, pistol whipped us, and took most of our electronics/etc.

They robbed the place because the previous tenant was a drug dealer who apparently owed them a bunch of money and they didn’t get the memo that he had skipped town. [jarkyttaa]

2. Thug Bit Off a Piece of His Lip

I was just about to head home after a night out in London, so I was casually standing at the coat check waiting my turn. However, I happened to be standing at the coat check when a guy was being thrown out of the club. This guy happened to be a little crazy, because as he went past me, he grabbed my shoulder, went to headbutt me, and at the same time bit a chunk out of my lip. I ended up needing plastic surgery on my lip, and about 5 years on I still have no feeling in that part of my lip! [dammitjason]

3. Facing the Japanese Earthquake

My school takes kids on trips around the world for march break. Guess who happened to be in Japan for that big earthquake/tsunami a few years back? A group of Canadian teenaged and teachers. One teacher that was there (all the students are probably in college now) tells of when they were in a bus when the quake hit, and the driver was swerving left and right a little, which they thought was a joke. They were laughing until they noticed the skyscrapers flailing about. [DisobedientAvocado-]

4. Witnessed a Suicide

Hiking with my son about 10 years ago. Nearing the crest of a hill with a good view, I heard a gunshot. There’s a hunting preserve a few miles away so I didn’t think much of it.

Got to the top and my son pointed out a guy laying on the ground. Thought he was drunk until I remembered the gun shot. I left my son at the trail and went over to look. Found a .32 caliber pistol on the ground with an entry wound above the right eye and a larger exit wound behind the right ear. Kid looked about 18 years old.

I called 911 and led the county sheriffs to the body. They took castings of our shoes and for an hour or two I was a suspect in a murder until they could figure out officially it was a suicide.

I always wonder if we had moved a little quicker if I could’ve changed his mind. My boy doesn’t even remember the incident, but it haunts me on occasion. [justec1]

5. Got Shot Accidentally

I got hit by a bullet once right on my left teres minor, I didn’t hear any gunshots at all. It was a minor wound, it could have been worse.

There is an outdoor shooting range not far from where I was at the time and they were holding some plate toss-shooting event and someone must’ve shot on the air then it landed in me. [B0NERSAURUS]

6. The Freak Accident

This is no joke. There was a chick down in South Florida that was having breakfast or lunch or something outside at this beach restaurant with her mom. She made a face and said “I think I just got shot”. Ends up a bullet that was fired in the air came straight down on top of her and I believe went between her throat and clavicle straight down. She didn’t make it. Happened a few years ago. [cheshirecat79]

7. Narrowly Escaped Tiannamen Square Protests

I have a friend who was an American businessman who was at a meeting in northern Beijing in 1989. What else happened in northern Beijing in 1989? The Tiannamen Square protests.

My friend managed to get on literally the last flight out of Beijing before martial law was declared. [Altcauseisuckatlent]

8. The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan 

A guy told me about his dad who decided to backpack from England to Thailand in 1979. By late December 1979, he had made it roughly half way to his destination, which put him in Afghanistan. On the morning of December 24th, 1979, he and his friends got up, and were planning to do some rock climbing. They got in the jeep of a guy that they paid to bring them out to rock climb. When they got in, he told them that they weren’t going rock climbing that day, and instead he was heading for Pakistan, and they could join him if they wanted to. Why the sudden change of plans? December 24th, 1979 is the day that the soviets invaded Afghanistan. This guy’s father has pictures of him standing on a hill with a few dozen or so soviet tanks in the field below him. [Andrew9623]

9. Got Hit by a Rock in a Food Fight

During my freshman year of high school, there was a huge food fight and a ton of actual fighting that happened.

During the big food fight, my ass was just trying to get away from everything. That is, until some asshole decided to throw a rock the size of a baseball at my back. I had a huge welt on my back for about a year. And then some asshole teacher tried to give me detention for participating in the food fight. SINCE WHEN IS A ROCK FOOD? [Broodd]

10. Got Mangled by a Police Dog

Apparently there was a police chase going on that he didn’t know about. The police dog jumped over the fence into his backyard and attacked him, really messed up his arm from what i understand. The cops end up throwing him in the police car, after realizing that they had the wrong guy they let him go and literally told him ” Well maybe you should have stayed inside.” He’s currently going through a lawsuit with them and is probably going to get a big settlement, because they never even filed a police report or anything. [Vaginabond]

11. Run-in With The Mafia

Just arrived in Naples Italy and I took a 1 am taxi to my hostel. The taxi driver took a left one block too soon. Told me my hostel was at the top of the building and left the scene. It was dark and an empty alley.

Having never been here, I just trusted every word. I went upstairs this shady building to where there was a single door, I open it because I saw lights and heard some commotion thinking it was the lobby of the hostel.

Well no, it was some sort of meeting between some gangsters. All which had guns already in their hands. Being the only teenager (and i look even younger) in the room no one shot at me. I got lucky.. I got detained temporarily and Ended up having to explain myself in the little Italian that I knew, I was nervous so I cracked a joke. Eventually someone escorted me out at gun point, thought I was going to die… The guy just kindly said “I hope you get a good story from this, you are lucky you are funny” then pointed me to the building I should have gone into. [jcjavo]


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