Phases Of A Successful Product Launch


Launching a product is a process, it must be done in and orderly and logical fashion in order to achieve success. In this article we are going about the various phases of a successful product launch.

Phase 1 of a successful product launch: The Pre-launch
In the first phase, you create a solid sales process and think it all the way through. You generate as much buzz as you can for your product and promote awareness about it using the different channels at your disposal. . Make use of viral marketing techniques and don’t neglect the huge importance of social media when in to comes to creating buzz.

Phase 2 of a successful product launch:  The launch phase
To help increase sales, you have to put some kind of limit or deadline on your promotional offer. This will entice target customers to take action of fear of missing out on your great product or service. You can have a great product launch if you use the existing leverage of other influential businesses to launch your product or service. Make a person of influence your partner and give them an irresistible offer. You can use this to give your next product a better head start or re-launch an existing product

Phase 3 of a successful product launch: Post launch phase
This phase has two parts to it:
The first part is where you create and educational follow up with additional bonuses to prevent buyers’ remorse and reduce the chances of refunds.  The second part is to figure out how you will continue making more sales so that your business will not just be a sudden spike on a graph and then fade into oblivion.

By working through each phase with a clear set of goals and determination, your product launch’s success is assured. To read more about the subject please visit

Source by Ahmed moheildeen