Physical Intimacy And Spirituality

Everything in life is merely energy


That sex and spirituality are interconnected were already figured out by Buddha. Living out our sexuality helps lead a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life. By connecting with the energies of our sex partner we can increase our vibration and connect with the universal energies even easier. Our breath is the means of doing so.

Whether you are freshly in love or whether you have been in your relationship for many years the exercise of breathing with your partner will help you deepen your relationship and bring your sexual joy at the same time.

Long before I realized that everything in life is merely energy, created through the frequencies that we exude, it hit me that making money had little to do with who you were and whether you had a degree or not but rather how you ‘felt’ about money. When I had money in my wallet I felt, amongst many other things, ‘cooler’, ‘bigger’, ‘older’, and more self-confident. With the influx of all these emotions, life became more delightful – for example, it was almost effortless to chat up girls, and otherwise, not so enjoyable aspects of my life, such as exams and school, were easier to deal with. And as an added bonus, I would attract even more money: grandma would slip me a bill, I would find money on the sidewalk or an opportunity would present itself where I could earn extra cash without having to kill myself for it.

This simple but very powerful equation – money in my pocket means a better, smoother life – burnt itself into my mind and stayed with me throughout my entire life in good times as well as in hard and challenging ones. A few years ago when I was faced with my company’s collapse, I remembered those carefree times in my teenage years and started to reprogram myself from the ground up about how I felt about and perceived money. Even though my self-esteem had hit rock bottom and my stress levels sky high, I knew I had it in my power to ultimately change my life’s trajectory. Remembering how I felt as a kid when I had a (large) bill in my wallet I put a couple of $100 bills in my wallet and went on walks. I would go on a shopping spree and everything that I saw and liked I would pretend to buy making myself believe that I could afford it. I would often say thank you that I can afford this or that and that money was coming easily to me. This exercise helped me to change how I felt about money and helped me shift my paradigm from a victim in life to money is coming easily and in abundance to me. Admittedly, the exercise did not prevent me from having to file personal bankruptcy a couple of years ago but it helped me to get to where I am today: in 2011 I have made more money than ever before and it is still coming in droves. Don’t get me wrong, I have to work hard for it, but it practically comes to me on a silver platter, all I have to do is to “service it”, i.e. guide my groups through Europe, coach my students or manage the business I am a partner in. And I am doing so with a big smile on my face – despite all the stresses that I am exposed to due to my rather busy (work) schedule – as I simply know that money lies out there waiting for me to be picked up. And with this mindset, I end up earning my money easier and easier and with more joy than ever before.

Plan an evening for two this coming weekend. Light candles, play soft music, eat only a very light dinner, and allow your sensuality to blossom and take you over.

Source by Q Moayad