Pi Pizzeria Serves Mumbaikars Authentic Italian Pizza 

If you are tired of the various Indian versions of pizza Mumbai has to offer, look no further

Happy Sunday, Mumbai! It is time for Bayside Journal to recommend the best food outlet you can visit this week and we give a thumbs up to the new pizza outlet located in Khar West, Pi Pizzeria.


Finding the perfect pizza is always a difficult task. I love pizza and am tired of the Indian version of pizza that either has lots of toppings or lots of sauce and if both are perfect then the base is bad enough to spoil the fun. But fret not Mumbaikars! We finally have a new pizza joint with the goodness of authentic pizza. Two friends Akhil Thakkar and Shaamil Amin from London have decided to serve Mumbaikars with amazing pizza from special curated family recipes.

When Akhil and Shaamil were growing up in Northwood in London hanging around a particular pizza outlet was their favorite part time. Run by an Italian family, this place became an integral part of the duo’s daily life. Akhil and Shaamil started learning everything that happened in their kitchen; what started as an interest, soon turned into a business plan when the owner decided to pass down his secret recipes to them. When they came back to India, the duo felt the need to introduce the Indians to the authentic European pizza dining experience and that’s when the idea behind Pi Pizzeria was born.

“There’s a huge untapped potential for authentic Italian pizza in Mumbai. We wanted the Indian market to experience the same. Compared to brands that Indianise pizzas or serve synthetic Americanized pizza, we’ve gone the extra mile,” shares Shaamil Amin, 28, the co-founder of Pi Pizzeria.


Must try at Pi Pizzeria


10-inch Italian Gourmet Pizza

3 rsz



The Bad

There are limited choices on the menu. So, adding a few more dishes on the list might get them more customers.


One can enjoy a dine-in experience or order for delivery through Zomato and Scootsy. The outlet caters to areas such as Bandra, BKC, Khar, Santacruz, and Juhu.


Address: Pi Pizzeria, 7, Darvesh Grand, 4th Road, Khar West

Phone: 30151794