The Mystery Puzzle – Place For Corporate Team Building

The Mystery Puzzle has come as a savior for many Corporate Houses


A Corporate Affair

Nowadays almost every Corporate House or Companies are struggling with the team attitude in their offices. Basically, the Managers and the HRs are finding the difficulty in strengthening the team bonds, that is, everyone in the company is working individually but not in a team. That team spirit is somehow missing, despite various efforts put by the HRs like the recreational activities at the office premises, team lunches and dinners, and the like. Some spark is still missing with the teams. It is a matter of concern as the production gets affected if there is no team spirit in the office environment. To solve this problem there is a place at the center of Sydney CBD, which has the capability to do the job of Team Building in your teams. And that place is The Mystery Puzzle. 

Brief About the Mystery Puzzle

The Mystery Puzzle has come as a savior for many Corporate Houses of Sydney and beyond for their team building activity. This place is the best puzzle room of Sydney and has the largest life size puzzle rooms. They have in total three puzzle rooms with two different themes, namely – The Lost Pirate Soul and The Great Bank Robbery. A minimum of two persons and a maximum of twelve people can enter a single puzzle room at a time and hence a total of thirty-six people can be there inside the three puzzle rooms at a single time. The moment you enter any of the escape room you will be locked and to escape, one has to solve all the fiddliest puzzles inside to get to the key to unlock the door within 60 minutes. All the escape rooms are designed so artistically and imaginatively that it almost feels real the moment you step inside any of the puzzle rooms. To add the zing and color to the experience the Mystery Puzzle provides theme matching costumes to the visitors, which in a way also adds to the fun.

Team Building While Solving Puzzles

The Mystery Puzzle is the most innovative, creative and inventive escape rooms for corporate activity in Sydney. The puzzles inside are the trickiest in town and are so developed that to solve them and to escape within the time limit all the people inside a single puzzle room have to work in conjunction with each other, basically as a team, and then only they can escape the puzzle room within time. Solving the thorniest puzzles side by side while racing against time, strengthens the team bond they share and builds the missing team spirit within the team.

Source by Manish Jain