Play Pokémon Go, Earn Academic Credits

Imagine what it would look like to have ‘Master’s Degree in Catching Pokemon’ on your resume. For students who are confused about what they want to study further, there is an exciting new option available for them. If the same students also like playing Pokémon Go, the University of Idaho has introduced this course for its students to earn credits while catching Pokémon characters Pikachu, Squirtle, Jigglypuff and the rest.

The course will fall under the “Pop culture games class” in the US varsity program. The game resulted in a lot of people going outdoors in order to catch Pokémon, which was a lot more exercise than most people usually indulged in. Players walking 45 kilometers to “hatch eggs” is also not uncommon. Players have also explored their localities and neighbouring ones in pursuit of catching a Snorlax.

The course instructor announced how this game is capable of being so much more than an augmented reality app. Not only has it resulted in players getting a lot more fresh air, it also has the potential to enhance their team building and socialization skills. They can share Pokémon collections, discover smaller communities of interest, pair up and create teams to fight local gyms. For those unaware of Pokémon terminology, local gyms in this game imply something on the lines of a Pokémon fight club.

For those who view Pokémon as a relic from their childhood and even for those who simply love the game but feel guilty after having spent hours at it, there is some respite. Along with having fun, they can even earn academic credit points.

The education world has truly expanded its spectrum. Although you can’t deny that the game is incredibly engaging, I wonder what future career options are available after a degree in Pokémon specialization.

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