Police on High Alert on New Year’s Eve

Mumbai and Navi Mumbai police have come up with new ideas to prevent nuisance makers on December 31

Suyogaerospace at English Wikipedia [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The last day of the year is almost here, and most Mumbaikars and Navi Mumbaikars are already in the party mood. Though most of us will be partying, there may also be some nuisance creators, who are a hassle for the police. The police of both Mumbai and Navi Mumbai are fully prepared to deal with any such incident and have also joined hands with NGOs to implement precautionary measures.

Speaking to Bayside Journal, Mumbai Joint Commissioner of Police Deven Bharti said, “We have formed a special police squad in every police station in Mumbai. We have also included lady police officers and constables to keep a check at every point. Anyone found creating chaos will be detained by this special police squad.”

Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale told Bayside Journal, “In comparison to Mumbai, Navi Mumbai is better behaved on New Year’s eve. But in order to stop nuisance creators, we have come up with many steps and plans. This year, we have joined hands with NGOs to make the people aware about ‘de-addiction’.”

This year, the Mumbai police will be taking video recordings of all the happenings on the evening of December 31, 2016. Earlier in 2015, there were only 1200 CCTV cameras and that too only in South Mumbai; this year about 6000 cameras have been installed all over Mumbai to keep an eye on merry-makers.

Ashok Dudhe, spokesperson, Mumbai Police, said, “Places where there will be a huge crowd and places that are sensitive will be under CCTV surveillance. At the Gateway of India, the police have separate entries and exits for males and females. We have also rejected leave applications of all police officials for this particular evening. The traffic police have been informed to stay on the roads, keep patrolling, and checking speeding vehicles as well as drunk drivers. In the past few years, Mumbai has seen a lot of drink-and-drive cases on December 31.”

He further added, “There will be nakabandi all over the city. Even though there is no information from the Intelligence Bureau about alerts for any terrorist attack in the city, the Mumbai Crime Branch, Anti-Terrorist Squad and Special Branch are keeping a check on all three-star and five-star hotels as well as small restaurants and lodges in the city. All vehicles will be checked. There is a special force placed in railway stations and airports to see that no untoward incidents take place.”

Nagrale said, “On the evening of New Year 2017, we will be conducting several programs to ensure the safety and security of citizens and help them to enjoy without compromising on road safety and security. Special drives will be conducted on December 30 and 31.”

Apart from these measures, the Mumbai Police will also keep an eye on rave parties, where there are high chances of drugs being supplied. They have also not permitted any cruise parties this year. The Navi Mumbai Police will meet with hotel owners who will be throwing large parties, and they will briefed on taking precautionary measures. There will also be regular mobile patrolling and beat marshalls stationed in high density areas, as well as checking at malls and crowded places.

Apart from these measures, a police band will entertain people around 8 p.m. at Shivaji Chowk.