Police Oral Board Questions – Get Sample Questions and Answers

Police Oral Board Questions – Learn How To Pass The Oral Exam

If you want to do good on the police oral board interview, you must do one thing PRONTO that is to study up on questions that you’ll likely be asked during your oral exam. Honestly if you want to impress the panel, you need to learn the questions and then practice answering them over and over again. The biggest mistake that you can make is to show up to your police oral board interview without insight on what you’re going to be asked.

The trick to a successful police interview is preparation using a list of the most commonly asked police interview questions. Then practice answering them. Now make sure that your answers don’t sound scripted, or rehearsed. If they do, you’ll come across as being phony, and dishonest even though you’re not. That is why doing a mock interview in front of your family and friends is highly recommended. They will give you feedback on what you need to change, and how you sound to them.

Here’s one sample question that you should prepare to answer:

“Why do you want to become a police officer”

I call this question the “golden nugget” because this is a golden opportunity to impress the police oral board and set the tone for the entire interview. The rule of thumb to this particular question is to always be honest even if it’s not a feel good story. Don’t make things up, tell the panel exactly what circumstance led up to you inspiring to be a police officer. For example, if you decided that police work was for you as a result of seeing your friend die at the hand of a drunk driver, tell the panel just that. You might have gotten laid off, and realized that you need the security of government jobs. Whatever is your story be completely honest, and you’ll win the panel over.

In Conclusion

If you want practice interview questions and detailed answers to get ready for the police oral interview, visit www.PoliceOralBoardInterviewSecrets.com. You can even download an entire manual that goes over the top 100 most commonly asked police interview questions and answers found here: Police Interview Questions

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