Practice Lucid Dreaming Induction Today!


Lucid dreaming could be quite hard to achieve for some but you see, there are actually simple ways that you could follow in order to make it happen.

1. Always have that goal to remember what your dreams are.

2. Make sure your mind is free from anything that would put you to worry. A clutter-free mind enables you to think and recall more.

3. Don’t sleep late. Always have a regular schedule for sleeping and be constant as to what time you’ll be sleeping and waking up time.

4. Don’t take any alcohol or other medications just before you’ll go to sleep. This may stop you from having dreams.

5. Don’t eat before you go to sleep especially those fatty foods. This would just make your mind busy. As your food gets digested, your mind’s going to be busy as well.

6. Make sure you have your journal handy. Keep a pen and a paper so that you could just write down your dreams as soon as you remember them.

7. It is also suggested for you to have a lamp just beside your bed so that the moment you’ll wake up from your dream, you could just turn it on and you could start writing in your pad.

8. Don’t get out of your bed immediately and try to move as little as possible and remember your dreams carefully.

9. When in bed, try to let your mind wander so that you could remember the details and images of your dreams.

Lucid dreaming induction could be quite difficult at first especially if you already have habits different from the ones listed above but lucid dreaming is fun. When you have lucid dreams, you have the power to be anybody you want to be, at any place, any time and any people you’d like to be with. You will have the ability to become a superhero, a millionaire, a famous artist, a president or you could dream about being with someone you wanted to know, maybe your crush or someone who’s already dead. You could dream of flying or jumping off the cliff but lands in the ground firmly or any other super powers that you could imagine.

Also, you could become more creative since you also have the ability to change some facts like you could dream of a giraffe smaller than a pig, or a neon-colored polar bear, or a basketball-playing panda. Your idea of dream is limitless depending on the kind of person that you are or what you want.

Source by steve magill